basketball award winners announced

The votes are in. Staff
Feb 26, 2013

The staff doled out awards in the area basketball scene during Monday night’s broadcast.

The categories included Boys and Girls Coach of the Year, Boys and Girls Player of the Year, Boys and Girls Newcomer of the Year, Best Gym to Watch a Game, Best Homecourt Advantange and Boys and Girls team who can make a surprising tournament run.

The winners included:
(Seven total ballots)

Boys’ Coach of the year: Bobby James, Huron and Steve Gray Norwalk (two votes each).

Girls’ Coach of the year: John Cahill, Clyde and Ryan Orshoski, Bellevue (three votes each).

Girls’ Player of the year: Amanda Cahill, Clyde (seven votes).

Boys’ Player of the year: Ben Haraway, Norwalk (four votes).
Second place: Jeff Thomas, Norwalk (three votes).

Boys’ Newcomer of the year: Grant Hull, Norwalk (three votes).

Girls’ Newcomer of the Year: Andrea Cecil, Oak Harbor (four votes)

Best gym to watch a game: Huron, Norwalk and Willard (two votes each).

Best homecourt advantage: Perkins (three votes).
Second Place Norwalk and Willard (two votes each).

Boys’ tournament surprise: St. Paul and New London.

Girls’ tournament surprise: Port Clinton and Willard.