Meet the six nominees for Player of the Week

Fans have the chance to vote for one of six nominees for the Baseball and Softball Player of the Week, brought to you by Norwalk Heating & Air. Staff
Apr 17, 2013

Boys’ Basketball
Dane Held, New London, Pitched all seven innings in 2-1 win over Willard.
To vote for Held, text the word ‘BOYS1’ to 41948.

Dalton Jarvis, Bellevue, Threw a no-hitter against Huron.
To vote for Jarvis, text the word ‘BOYS2’ to 41948

Isaac Perry, Norwalk, Collected 100th career hit and scored 100th career run in doubleheader sweep.
To vote for Perry, text the word ‘BOYS3’ to 41948.

Darcy Daniel, Perkins,
Helped Pirates to a doubleheader sweep over Sandusky.
To vote for Daniel, text the word ‘GIRLS1’ to 41948

KayLee Fox, Edison, Has hit five home runs with 18 RBI so far on the season.
To vote for Fox, text the word ‘GIRLS2’ to 41948

Bailey Thomas, Norwalk, Had-game winning hit against Huron.
To vote for Thomas, text the word ‘GIRLS3’ to 41948


Go Figure

Is there a player of the week for Track? or Tennis?


The way I figure, they got it right... It's a sponsored award, perhaps you can dig up some sponsors to host track and tennis weekly awards

local man

Keep in mind - you need to vote 10 times a day every day according to their system which makes no sense at all, this player of the week vote is a joke.