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SSC hosting national event this weekend

The Sandusky Sailing Club is gearing up for another long weekend.
Kelsey Pence
Jul 18, 2013

The Interlake Sailing Class Association will be holding its national event in Sandusky. Races begin as early as 6 p.m. tonight and last until Sunday evening.

“We’re proud to be the hosts of this prestigious event,” National Regatta Chairman Bernie Ashyk said. “We have a little over 40 registrants so far and each boat will have two or three, plus the family.”

The national event dates back to 1936 and is held at a new venue each year. Last year it was held at North Cape Yacht Club in LaSalle, Mich. “The Interlake Class is what’s called a one-design boat,” Ashyk said. “All the boats are identical. The hull, shape, weight and length are all the same. The Interlake is an 18-foot sailboat.”

The course will take sailors around South Johnson’s Island.   “That’s the planned course, but that is determined daily by the person called the PRO, the principle race officer,” Ashyk said. “But the weather looks to be clear and hot this week, so we are expecting good winds.”  The women’s and junior championship races will begin tonight. Thursday will see three races, two for the championship fleet and one for the challenger fleet.   

Three races will take place on Friday and Saturday for the championship fleet. Two races will be held each day for the challenger fleet. Two races for the championship fleet will be held on Sunday, as will the final race for the challenger fleet.   

The sailing club also recently received word that its application to host the Thistle national championships was approved.   

“The thistle class association is going to be having their national regatta from August 3-9,” Asjyk said. “That was suppose to be held in New Jersey, but their facility was wiped out from Hurricane Sandy. The class was looking for another place to host the nationals, and Sandusky applied and we were chosen for that too.”   

A thistle sailboat is a 17-footer usually sailed with a three-person crew.


Eph 2 8-10

Would be nice to know the starting times of the races.

AJ Oliver

Hey Mr. Eph -
Races will start at about 11:00 AM on Fri., Sat., & Sunday. Feel free to stop by SSC to see the boats and chat with the competitors. Some of them are recent world champions !! Today's windy conditions should be interesting - those boats are really a handfull when the wind pipes up.