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St. Mary CC releases 2014 football schedule

No more questions need to be asked.
Mark Hazelwood
Sep 5, 2013

Questions have swirled around St. Mary Central Catholic’s ability to schedule seven non-league games with just three league games in the Sandusky River League, which begins next school year.

But instead of getting stuck traveling hours to play non-league opponents, the Panther football team’s furthest trip from home will be 37 miles one way.

“We certainly worked hard to make sure we would link up with as many local schools as possible, in particular to play schools our size in enrollment,” St. Mary Athletic Director Denny Faber said. “We’re pretty pleased that it’s worked out so well.”

The Panthers will open 2014 at home against longtime Week 1 opponent St. Paul. The Panthers and Flyers have met every year in the season opener since 1976.

In Week 2, the Panthers travel to Plymouth, a 35-mile trip to play another Firelands Conference opponent. The normal Week 3 slot with Danbury remains the same, while Week 4 will be a trip to Buckeye Central, the farthest road trip on the schedule.

Back-to-back home games the following two weeks will include Seneca East and Lakota, while Week 7 will be a familiar trip south to Edison.

With the Sandusky Bay Conference at seven teams with SMCC leaving, the remaining schools will need a fourth non-conference game.

After hosting Fostoria St. Wendelin in Week 8, the Panthers also host Margaretta in Week 9.

“We were able to maintain two of the SBC schools, and almost had a third last minute,” Faber said. “Maybe that will change in the future. There has been a lot of questions and people wondering about the new league. We’re a firm, solid six schools and our schedule is set for 2014 and 2015.”

SMCC’s final game of the season beginning next year will be rival Fremont St. Joseph, which will be a road game in 2014.

Being able to maintain four area schools and avoid lengthy bus rides, Faber is more than pleased with how the 2014 schedule turned out.

“There’s been a lot of work so far to get this schedule,” he said. “I worked throughout the summer, but there is certainly plenty more to do to make sure everything is in place for next school year.

“We do have some exciting school announcements that will come out soon for our entire school,” Faber added. “Our high school enrollment is also up, so we’re pleased with the start of the new year.”

Faber said SMCC has five games already under contract for the 2015 season.

Currently, the SRL includes SMCC, SJCC, Lakota, St. Wendelin, Old Fort and New Riegel. The latter two do no field football teams.

“Everything is the same right now as announced last winter,” Faber said of the SRL. “If there are any changes, we will make that public as soon as something would be solid.”


HS Sports Fan

I was hoping I would wake up and this was just a bad dream. I am a High School Sports Fan and have no affiliation to SMCC. I think this was a terriable decision for whoever was involved. In the long run you will discover this was a BAD mistake. I believe this will be the final demise of SMCC. Just because of a few bad seasons of football you have choose to separate from your rival schools. And your saying your enrollment is up? Good luck with that after a few seasons in this league. What kind of following do you expect to draw playing these schools? And your still playing Edison. Are they that much smaller than the teams that your running from? It looks like Perkins has won this long time rivalry. If I was Perkins, Clyde and Huron I would not schedule any further sporting events with SMCC period. I'm very saddened by this move and will just have to enjoy this final season. In no way do I mean any bad and I do wish the Panthers the best in their future endevors.


"Running from"????

Did you fall out of a tall tree when you were a kid? Perkins has over 300 kids in grades 9-11 while SMCC has 70. Clyde has 285. PC has 233 and Oak Harbor has 218 and even Huron has 203. Do you need help with the math on those differences in enrollment between SMCC and their larger conference "rivals"?

Find me another high school in the state that has survived and competed as long as SMCC with such a disparity of enrollment to their other conference members.

Is it really a rivalry when you have almost 5x as many kids in your school as does your rival?

HS Sports Fan

But SMCC at the last minute almost landed a game with a 3rd SBC team(Port Clinton) who you say has 233 kids. I can't make any sence out that one. Or is that their not a winning team like Edison and Margaretta. Is running when you don't want to play the teams you can't beat? So lets just get a league with a team like St.Wendelin who currently has 20 players on their football team, had no team the last couple seasons and graduated 2 boys last year. So now everythings fair. Yes, I guess I must of fell out of a tree.


I can see SMCCs point, but I kinda agree with HS Sports Fan on this. There's a quite a dropoff from where they were to where they are going. It wasn't long ago that SMCC was a playoff team. I think a more perfect fit may be the Firelands Conference. I know this is easier said then done, but maybe they should've just swapped spots with Western Reserve. WR needs to be in a conference with bigger schools.


My son plays football for SMCC, he is a freshman this year. Last year, in the Junior High game vs. Perkins, there were 3 times as many kids on the Perkins team. Our kids played both offense and defense, many played the entire game. I'm not whining, but man, that is pretty tough to beat. A lot of the kids from both Perkins and Huron did say our guys did a real good job for as small as the team was. But still...