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Meet the six nominees for Player of the Week

Fans have the chance to vote for one of six nominees for the Football and Volleyball Player of the Week, brought to you by Norwalk Heating & Air! Staff
Oct 21, 2013

Derek Gray, Clyde:
Caught seven passes for 148 yards and three TDs in 58-14 win at Edison.
To vote for Gray, text the word ‘BOYS1’ to 41948.

Jay Moore, Sandusky: Ran for 151 yards on nine attempts with three TDs in 32-15 win.
To vote for Moore, text the word ‘BOYS2’ to 41948

Devin Smith, St. Paul: Ran for 256 yards on 11 carries with four touchdowns and four TDs in 45-14 win at Crestview.
To vote for Smith, text the word ‘BOYS3’ to 41948.

Anna Hintz, South Central:
Had 19 kills and nine digs in sectional tournament win.
To vote for Hintz, text the word ‘GIRLS1’ to 41948.

Kasey Parkhurst, Margaretta: Posted 42 kills in two sectional tournament wins.
To vote for Parkhurst, text the word ‘GIRLS2’ to 41948

Stacey Sinwald, Edison: Recorded 30 assists and 17 digs in sectional final win.
To vote for Sinwald, text the work ‘GIRLS3’ to 41948.

Voting ends at 4 p.m. Wednesday.



Dale Irby - Perkins
11 carries - 252 yards. 4 TDS

He's not even a nominee????

Mark Hazelwood

Dale Irby has already been nominated twice, same with Breck Turner, who had 308 yards and 4 TDs, also on 11 carries.

When selecting POTW candidates, we generally try to get in as many different kids as possible. Otherwise, we could have Irby, Turner and Cody Thompson as the three candidates just about every single week, etc. It's just an attempt at balance and spreading the wealth, nothing more.



Understandable , thank you for the clarification Mark.