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Huron vs. Coldwater

Give us your predictions
Scott Seitz
Nov 19, 2013

The Huron Tigers (9-3) take on the Coldwater Cavaliers (10-2) at 7 p.m. Saturday at Findlay Donnell Stadium in a Division V, Region 16 final.

Huron and Coldwater have met twice previously in the playoffs, with Coldwater winning 19-6 in 2004 and 28-0 in 2005.

Huron defeated Loudonville 17-13 in its regional semifinal, while Coldwater topped Doylestown Chippewa, 49-21.

Coldwater is the defending Division V state champion.

What are the keys for Huron to come out on top?



Cavaliers 41 Urine 13. GO CAVS!!!!


You know what happens when ASSumptions are made?


Wow, it's true. You and your wife really do not like the kids in the Huron school system!Perhaps it's time to leave.

I believe in the students, their work ethic and dedication!!!

Huron 24, Coldwater 9


1--I have no problem with the's the clueless, incompetent administration and some staff members who don't deserve to be employed there. And my opinion won't will remain the same until changes are made.

2--I don't live in Huron


60-13. Need I say more?


Take off the Huron "homer glasses" and get real......................Coldwater 42, Huron 14


coldwater 28 huron 7 but i will be rooting for huron