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Ohio State vs. Michigan State

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Dec 2, 2013

The Ohio State Buckeyes (12-0) will battle the Michigan State Spartans (11-1) at 8 p.m. Saturday in Indianapolis in the Big Ten championship game.

Ohio State, with a win, could possible secure a position in the BCS title game.

Michigan State features one of the best defenses in the nation.

What team will win this game and why?



And you also picked Perkins over Clyde, Hey "O"-FER, Michigan had twice the offensive power MSU does, game "maybe" close until second half, when OSU's line starts wearing down MSU's. Miller and OSU team speed will look faster than ever and no weather worries to hold OSU back. OSU 45 MSU 17


Not as close of a game as last week was. MSU's offense won't be able to keep up. They only put up 14 against Minnesota, and Ohio State's D will use last week as a wakeup call. For Ohio State's Offense, I don't think they'll break 40, but they have enough fire power to put this one away easy. Neutral location helps the Buckeyes in this one. OSU 38 MSU 14


Please,make sure the defense gets on the bus this week !

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ohio state 42...41 LOLOLOLOL.... joke withstanding, what a damnn game


The team with the most points will win.


Michigan State!! After this last game against Michigan, what a disappointment! It was a good game, but OSU, Michigan's team is way over-rated this year! They are NOT a good team, and for you to allow them to have such a "close scoring game" was ridiculous and I am a Michigan Fan (2nd). I was ok with Michigan not beating you, cause it will make Michigan State's win so much better!! To beat a undefeated (now over-rated) OSU team. GO SPARTANS!!

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Are you new to sports? One "close scoring game" that results in a win does not make your team overrated. Even if Michigan isn't a good team, in rivalry games all bets are off ESPECIALLY when the better of the two teams is on the road. Lastly, the way Ohio State played against Michigan is not an indicator of how they will play against Michigan State, as the two are extremely different teams.


My prediction: PAIN


not a MSU fan, but they have one of the best defences in college football..MSU 31..OSU 23..spoiler alert!!


Ohio State 35 MSU 21. Michigan State will not give the buckeyes as much trouble at a neutral site as Michigan did in the big house... also game will be played under a roof, so no weather conditions to help MSU level the playing field


OSU 42-21


Go MSU! Upset time! I was always an Ohio State fan, but they need knocked off that high..HIGH horse they're riding! Urban Meyer is NOT God, contrary to popular belief!


either way it will be one helluva a game, But i will say the buckeyes will win.


37-33 either way


ClarkeWDawley was dead on! Upset time. Doesn't help when you play the likes of Cal, FAMU, Buffalo, Vermilion, Henrietta Township and Bay View. Play somebody.................crickets................crickets................crickets