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Question of the day: Were the Browns robbed of a victory Sunday in New England?

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Scott Seitz
Dec 9, 2013

The Cleveland Browns suffered a heartbreaking 27-26 loss Sunday to the New England Patriots.

Lots of things went wrong for Cleveland late in the game, including an apparent phantom pass interference call.

Give us your thoughts about Sunday's game.




We beat the Patriots, we just couldn't beat the refereeing team. At LEAST 5 bad calls in that game.

From the Grave

No. But we DO have the best wide receiver in the NFL!


GREAT! Let's trade him for a punter.


The officiating was horrible at the end. Almost like they were helping New England. First the onside kick, I am still looking up the rule but before the ball goes 10 yards NE cant touch a Cleveland player and they did. Second, that pass Interference call was bogus. There was no way in hell he interfered. They (officials) gave the game to NE the last 2 minutes. As a fan of sports and an official myself, you hate to see this. Officials need to call the game the right way, not decide it for a team and that is what happened.

shovelhead's picture

If the game was in Cleveland, things would not have gone so smooth.


They don't serve bottles anymore after the Jacksonville debacle


I watched the NFL refs botch a crucial call against N.E. at the end of their game a few weeks ago, and remember telling my buddy that the NFL would help them make it up at a later time and date... How prophetic my words would be, only to bite my team in the ass... Cleveland got robbed because that game meant nothing to their team, and a possible first round bye for NFL favorite New England.


Absolutely,the fix was in according to all Vegas Bookies.N.E. was to make the playoffs for a larger viewing audience.Follow the money,it happens all over the world !