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Sectional change

In year's past, the Division I Northwest wrestling district was unique because of the method it chose its teams for the sectionals.
Aug 25, 2010

In year's past, the Division I Northwest wrestling district was unique because of the method it chose its teams for the sectionals.

A few weeks before the postseason, coaches got together with the district board and they would seed all the teams from 1 to 22.

Based on the seedings, the district board would divide up the field for the two sectional tournaments — kind of like a draft. The teams that weren't seeded were used to fill up the fields.

The reason the Northwest District did this was to make sure that one sectional tournament wasn't stronger than the other.

This year, that has changed.

According to Jamie Baker of the Northwest District Wrestlng Blog, the Division I NW District went back to a geographic format. The Toledo schools will compete in the Start Sectional, while the other schools, such as Sandusky and Fremont Ross, will compete in the Rogers Sectional.

According to Baker, no reason has been given for the change by the Northwest District board. I have not yet contacted Sandusky coach Conor Whelan or anyone else affected by this change, but I plan on doing so as I work on my latest wrestling notebook for Magazine.

This isn't official, but my guess is that the economy may have something to do with it. Slotting the teams geopgrahically may make more sense for the schools as they factor in gas costs and travel time and all of that stuff.

It will be interesting to see what happens next year, not only with this sectional proceedings, but also with the districts. Since the Northwest Division I teams only have two sectionals, they have taken on two of the Northeast Sectionals and have flip-flopped district sites. This year, the Northeast hosts at Mentor. Next year, if this continues, the Northwest District may have to find a centrally-located school or site for the Northeast schools..

I just found out that the Brakeman Report was released. I haven't checked it out yet. Expect somethings from myself or Anthony in future editions of the Register and/or Magazine.



In fact, the Division I sectionals in the NW have seeded teams and the teams were able to choose their sectional if seeded.  If there was one powerhouse in the NW, all the other teams would go to the other sectional. 

That is not the case however and the teams seem to migrate based on matchups for wrestlers that have a chance to place highly at the sectional. 

Also, in the past, the Division II teams and their coaches have agrued to do the same.  They have wanted to seed the top ten or twelve teams and let them choose their sectional.  Not so long ago, the Oak Harbor sectional was stacked with Oak Harbor, Eastwood, Perkins, Clyde among others.  Before that, Willard and Bellevue would be there as well. 

This year, the Shelby sectional will have Lexington - the likely OCC champ, Oak Harbor-the likely SBC champ, Bellevue-the likely NOL champ, and Clyde, Perkins, as well as Norwalk, Columbian, Willard and Shelby.  This is a far cry from the Shawnee sectional. 

Last year, Bellevue was the NOL champ and took TWO to the district because they had to battle through the toughest sectional imaginable.  Upper Sandusky took next to last in the NOL, almost 150 points behind Bellevue, but took 5 to the district meet because they competed at the weak Shawnee sectional. 

Historically, the Shelby sectional is tremendously strong at 285.  Last year, Markie Brooks sat the district because he was eliminated.  This is the same guy that pinned state runnerup Delonne Baker a couple of weeks earlier.  Tremendously talented but unlucky.  Last year, the Shelby sectional had two state qualifiers come out and one more from the previous year that did not make it out of the district.  This year, Torrence is 4th, Brooks 8th, Selfinger is 12 and Sandwisch is 20 and underrated.