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Area Brakeman Wrestlers

Here's a look at the area wrestlers who were mentioned in the 2009 Brakeman Report.
Aug 25, 2010

Here's a look at the area wrestlers who were mentioned in the 2009 Brakeman Report. Keep in mind, the top eight wrestlers in each weight class are considered to "place" at state, and 16 wrestlers qualify to fill each weight class bracket. Any wrestler projected below 16 is expected to be a district qualifier at the most and least:

112 — 18. Davion Caston (Sandusky)
130 — 4. Dalton McHenry (Elyria/Collins), 25. Gavin Blanchard (Sandusky)
135 — 7. Yohe Rojas (Fremont Ross)
145 — 6. Jerrell Valliant (Sandusky)
189 — 16. Tylor Trautwein (Fremont Ross)
HVY — 6. Delonne Baker (Sandusky)

103 — 11. Alex Bergman (Oak Harbor), 23. Gabe Sidoti (Norwalk), 25. Sam Gerber (Clyde)
112 — 10. Drew Stone (Oak Harbor), 22. Zach Thurn (Clyde)
119 — 16. Jake Cramer (Oak Harbor)
135 — 2. Ian Miller (Oak Harbor), 25. Sam Montana (Norwalk)
140 — 16. Anthoney Budka (Vermilion)
145 — 2. Konnor Witt (Oak Harbor)
152 — 1. Jonathan McGookey (Perkins)
171 — 10. Mike Mallarnee (Oak Harbor), 18. Alex Trautman (Perkins)
215 — 25. Trevor Strickland (Clyde)
HVY — 4. Jared Torrence (Norwalk), 8. Markie Brooks (Bellevue), 20. Zack Sandwisch (Oak Harbor)
TEAM — 7. Oak Harbor

103 — 2. David Harrington (SMCC), 5. Cam Michel (Edison), 24. Austin Schaffer (Seneca East)
112 — 3. Tim Majoy (Edison), 9. Jim Pavia (SMCC), 16. Lance Johnson (Monroeville)
119 — 1. Hunter Stieber (Monroeville), 19. Jordan Cole (Edison)
125 — 1. Logan Stieber (Monroeville), 12. Kyle Burns (Edison), 15. Derek Johannsen (Port Clinton)
130 — 1. Cam Tessari (Monroeville), 24. David McDonald (Plymouth), 25. Tim Grys (Western Reserve), 27. Tyler Crapo (Seneca East)
135 — 2. Payton Oney (South Central), 17. Cal Clark (Monroeville)
140 — 18. Myles Rinehart (Plymouth)
145 — 12. Ryan Neuberger (Edison), 13. Anthony Ferber (South Central), 19. Mike Swan (Western Reserve), 23. Cody Pridemore (Margaretta), 24. Jared Fleming (Port Clinton)
152 — 1. Michael Cawley (St. Paul), 23. Dylan Howard (Edison)
160 — 26. Mitchell Gross (St. Paul)
171 — 1. Chris Phillips (Monroeville), 17. Eric Boyce (Edison), 19. Geoff Hainline (St. Paul)
215 — 6. Craig Ritz (Edison), 13. Kole Young (Seneca East), 21. Kyle Bellamy (SMCC), 27. Jordan Romick (Huron)
HVY — 4. Nick Hamilton (South Central), 9. Chris Doughty (St. Paul), 21. Nino Majoy (Huron)
TEAM — 2. Monroeville



Just some thoughts to add to Dan's post.  He posted the rankings but did not expound on his feelings of those rankings.  I think I will try to do that.

The first ranking that I saw that I thought was almost absurd was Kyle Burns.  That kid is top four in the state and I have no question in my mind about that. 

Cam Michel might be about right but I have seen everyone around him including Harrington, who I like alot, and Goebel, who has zero offense but is super in defense and wrestles alot of one point victories.  I have not seen the Beachwood boy predicted to be champ.  I like McLaughlin best and I have not seen a 103 this year that can beat him.

Majoy is 2 or 3.  Pierce is a stud and I am not sure how to beat him.  Maybe change your name to Steiber.

On a hot weekend, Edison could place Michel high, a finalist in Majoy, place Burns very high, Neuberger could place, and Ritz could be a finalist.  That is a ton of points.  Ritz needs to believe he is a finalist and control his energy.  If there was ever a wrestler who could use a little Matt Fisher-control the match after you get the lead-it is Craig Ritz.  He seems to want to keep going for everything and sometimes it is just wise to milk the 3 point win instead of trying to throw the kid and score another five.  I really think Damar and Davy will get his head where his athleticism is. 

In terms of team title, Monroeville has a shot.  That was mentioned in the report.  I think they have a few more points in them than the 115 Brian is counting.  The absolute most points a wrestler can earn is 30.  You get 2 points for advancement and two points for a pin in every round in the championship bracket except the finals.  You get no advancement in that match.  You get 16 placement points for 1st.  That is 30.  30 x 4 is 120.  I think anything less than 120 out of those four is giving points back.  Those four should pin through, for purely selfish team placement.  Make Troy Christian win and have to win two extra matches to do that.  Now if Johnson or Clark can win a match or two, then you have gravy.  But you can put 120 in the bank.  I am certain that number has already been the goal from the start of the season and anything less would be disappointing in their minds.  Those are some strong minded boys.

In Division II, I see Sean Pisano completely disregarded.  Look at his losses.  Loss to Toal (2x champ), 10-4 loss to #4 Tate, caught by Bernardo of Desales in a match that was a toss-up at worst.  He has beat Mallernee, beat Chapman from Hopewell and beat a good ranked kid from Nelsonville-York.  Overlooked.  Could it be that the district is just too tough.  I have seen Brown from Highland, Kilroy of Padua, Hoffman of Eastwood, Gallik of Lexington, Washam of Shawnee.  Kilroy is the only one that I would favor.  Hoffman has no chance, he has regressed since his freshman year.  Washam was unimpressive.  Gallik and Brown are close.  If Mallernee is here, he is also, obviouly, close as well. 

Drew Stone is better than his ranking.  He is nasty this year.  I actually never thought I would connect him to the word "Nasty" but that describes him very accurately.  He has an edge to him that he never had before.  Maybe a chip on his shoulder even.  He looked great at the MIT.

The 103 Bergman is also another than is too low.  I do not think Gould is any better.  He should place this year.