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Vote here for players of the week

The Player of the Week has returned for the winter season. Staff
Jan 19, 2014

Here are the nominees for basketball.

Post your vote in the comments section below.

Results will be posted in Thursday’s edition.

Voting concludes at 5 p.m. Wednesday.

Derek Gray, Clyde, Scored 1,000th career point in a win over St. Mary CC.
Grant Hull, Nowalk, Had 16 points in a win over Toledo Whitmer.
Nic Williams, Perkins, Scored 27 points and became the school's all-time career points leader in an OT win over Huron.

Amanda Cahill, Clyde, Had 29 points and eight rebounds in a win vs. Bellevue.
Andrea Cecil, Oak Harbor, Scored 51 points total in wins over Fremont SJCC and Huron.
Kailee Flowers, Norwalk, Scored 15 points in a win over Sandusky.



Grant Hall, Kailee Flowers


Grant Hull and Kailee Flowers


Grant Hull; Kailee Flowers


Grant Hull
Kailee Flowers


16 points is not impressive. Neither is 15 points for a girl. Must be Norwalk fans. I'm going to have to go with Nic Williams & Andrea Cecil . Now THOSE are impressive performances


How about throwing in Austin Spicer over Grant Hull? I mean the kid did have 29 points, compared to Hull's 16.


Nic Williams

Amanda Cahill


Nic Williams and Andrea Cecil


Grant Hull

Kailee Flowers


Vote for Derek Gray, 26pts friday 10reb and 26pts sat 7reb pretty good for a 5-8" point guard who is trapped and faceguarded everywhere he plays! And Congrats on reaching 1000pts!


Kailee Flowers and Grant Hull for sure!! It's not just the points that count, its the overall player and both of these players deserve it this week!


Grant Hull & Kailee Flowers :)


Grant Hull & Kailee Flowers, both are class acts, super role models, and very deserving of this honor!


pretty awesome weekend for Derek gray and nick willams they are 2 great role models for there schools they could probably be nominated weekly these 2 probably lead in every stat in the whole area including the stat for role models and class acts if there is a stat for that in basketball??? go andrea cecil and Amanda cahill those 4 should be your winners co- boys and co- girls


actually I think the coaches should vote on this because what is there 10 people voting.. have the sbc coaches vote weekly and nol coaches vote weekly each league has kids deserving.... who nominates these kids? if the coaches were to vote u would have so called expert opinons