Hull steps up for Norwalk in win over Port Clinton

Grant Hull had a big game for Norwalk, as the Truckers kept their unbeaten season going. Staff
Feb 3, 2013

Hull was nearly unstoppable from the three-point arc and Norwalk posted 24 points in the Truckers’ 17th win of the season against no losses.

The junior scored six 3-pointers, as Norwalk rolled to a 28-7 lead after the first quarter, en route to a 92-33 win over Port Clinton.

“He’s really a good shooter,” Norwalk coach Steve Gray said. “He put a lot of time in the gym this fall. Tonight he was exceptional, but he really is a good three-point shooter.”

The Truckers, ranked No. 3 in the Division I Associated Press poll, had 11 players score in their 38th consecutive regular season win.

Jeff Thomas, who averages 12.1 points a game, sat out of Saturday’s matchup after sustaining a concussion Monday in practice.

Hull scored on Norwalk’s first possession, and again 20 seconds later to put the Truckers up 6-0 with less than a minute off the clock.

With three minutes left in the first quarter they were up 20-4.

Brock Moore led Port Clinton with 10 points.

The Truckers are also gearing up for what Gray said has become a highly anticipated week of games.

“We have Bellevue on Friday and that is a chance for us to clinch an NOL championship, and that is what we’ve worked for all year,” he said. “The game a lot of people in the area have been looking forward to is Saturday night against Perkins. They’ve got a great team and we are excited about the opportunity to compete two times next week.”

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As a Norwalk Trucker Alumni I want to give you young men a GREAT BIG CONGRATULATIONS for the great season you are having. I know that the NORWALK REFLECTOR isn't doing you justice but, just know that you do have fans out here that are cheering you on. This is FRONT PAGE NEWS and just wait and see where they put you. Let St. Paul loose a game and where do they put them? Also, they don't continue their story on another page. I've seen it take up almost all of one page. This has been like this even way back when I was a student and I know, I for one am getting mighty sick of it. Cmon REFLECTOR let's get with it and give our Truckers the recognition they deserve! GO TRUCKERS!


Great job, guys! Now, where's the score in this story?