Sandusky grad named SHS boys' hoops coach

Dustin Sharp has been appointed as the new Sandusky boys' basketball coach. Staff
Jun 19, 2013

The Superintendent and CEO of the Sandusky City Schools, Dr. Eugene T. W. Sanders made the announcement Tuesday.   

Sharp received a unanimous recommendation from the athletic selection committee of Dennis Muratori, the school’s chief of staff and transformation officer, Athletic Director Shawn Coakley, SHS principal Dan Poggiali and incoming principal Ted Caleris.   

“We’ve made a decision with regard to our boys basketball program,” Sanders said. “We decided it was in the best interest of the program to move quickly. We decided moving quickly in the best interest of the student-athletes. I’m choosing to be more proactive.”   

Sharp is a 1998 graduate of Sandusky and is currently a teacher at the Sandusky Middle School.   

He has been an educator in the Sandusky City Schools for the past eight years.   

Sharp has been very active as a teacher and coach for many years, and also served as the assistant Athletic Director for the middle school for one year and spent four years as the assistant middle school coach.   

Sharp also served four years as the freshman boys coach, the position he held most recently. He’s also had previous stints as the eighth grade football coach, middle school volleyball coach and assistant middle school basketball coach.   

“Coach Sharp has experience and is familiar with the our student-athletes, and is committed to the Blue Streak tradition of pride and excellence in both the classroom and on the court” Coakley said.   

Sandusky hasn’t had a winning season since 2006-07 when it finished 16-7. The Blue Streaks finished the 2012-13 season with a record of 3-20.   

With more than 1,000 wins all-time, Sandusky is in the top 50 in Ohio history for most wins. Sharp will inherit a young roster that had just four seniors last season.   

“I have known Mr. Sharp as both a student, teacher and coach,” Poggiali said. “We have a dedicated and committed Blue Streak in charge of our basketball program, and our student-athletes will compete in the classroom and on the field of competition.”   

Sharp will assume responsibility for the program immediately and was introduced to the team at a workout Tuesday.


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run for the hills

Did I miss something? What happened to the original hire?


Great choice!! Good Luck Coach Sharp

Pastor Ron

Jason Prophet like DeMar Moore got drunk and crashed his car over the weekend.


A very brave soul to take job. Good Luck


The Register had an article about Prophet a day ago however I couldn't find it on-line. Now this story fails to mention the reason there was a sudden opening for the position. Kinda odd I think.....


SHS basketball: Brought to you by Everclear.


Unbelievable! These Alumni's want these jobs that "mentor and mold" our youth in the form of basketball and then they go out and do something stupid like that!! Very disappointed in Demar AND Jason!! Dustin, I know you will do a great job! You have supported our Streakball program for years! I wish you the best! You are a solid family man and you are a disciplined coach and will do well!! Good Luck with the team this year!!


Best of luck to Dustin & the Blue Streaks! Let's turn this program around in the right direction!


It is a shame that this all is a result of a plan by a former school board member to mold the athletic dept into his idea of how Sandusky Schools should be.Coaches being role models and good citizens were never a part of the plan. Sandusky schools will never be successful as long as they run things the way they are now.


thats ok aleast shs will have sports unlike phs after the levy fails again


Whew! That was cold Oldpirate. You don't need any ice cubes to swallow that one. LMAO! HAHA! Best worry about if you even have a team.


Perkins not having a team is the only way SHS can beat them anymore. If you'd paid attention PHS beat SHS in every single sport this past year. Never thought I would see that. What happened to SHS athletics? Maybe it's the lack of a biddy program. Maybe it's the kids they allow in the programs. Maybe it's that several of their alum from those past great teams now reside in Perkins where they send their kids. Or the 500 open enrolled students that left.


Sorry was not that cold...(lame) Only the truth was stated about the hires.