Panthers blast Eagles

SMCC scores 92 points in rout of Monroeville
Mark Hazelwood
Dec 22, 2013

Because of scheduling, the St. Mary Central Catholic boys basketball team spent extra time beating up on each other.

But finally with four games under their collective belts, the Panthers have been able to inflict damage to the opposition, including Saturday night's 92-62 win over Monroeville at “The Den.”

The Panthers are averaging 79 points per game on the young season, and following veteran coach Lyle Falknor's plan of pressure defense. In Saturday's game, the Panthers were able to consistently pressure the Eagles (2-4) into many early turnovers, which in turn led to easy transition baskets.

“That's our game,” Falknor said. “It's what we try and do every night. I thought the first three quarters we did a really nice job of that.”

Already up 17-6 midway through the first quarter, the Panthers showed their ability to score points in a hurry. After Monroeville's Brandon Hayes connected on a 3-pointer to make it a 17-9 deficit, the Panthers proceeded to score eight points in a 38-second span.

Brett St. Clair connected on a mid-range jumper, then Denarius Harris came through with two slashing baskets, followed by a steal and layup from Melvin Jackson made it a 25-9 advantage with 2:41 left in the opening quarter.

The second quarter was more of the same, with the Panthers putting up 24 points to the Eagles' 15 to take a 53-25 halftime lead. The Panthers again scored five quick points in the final 16 seconds of the half, as Justin Fraser hit a 3-pointer at the top of the key, and Harris had another steal and score inside with seven seconds left.

“We've been able to force a lot of turnovers and convert those into points,” Falknor said. “Our guards out front have just done a really nice job of deflecting the ball and finishing at the other end.”

Things spiraled further out of control in the third quarter, as the Panthers scored 28 points while limiting the Eagles to 10. The game ground to a halt and got chippy, as three technical foul calls were whistled on Monroeville in the third quarter alone.

Eagles coach Zac Reer declined to comment after the game.

With the Panthers leading 81-35 entering the final eight minutes, Falknor emptied his bench and both teams began subbing freely, with the Eagles holding a 27-11 scoring advantage in the final quarter.

Monroeville had four players in double figures, with Devon Wallace leading the way with 18 points. Glen Clark had 12, Hayes added 11 and Cage Roby scored 10.

Meanwhile, the Panthers had six players reach double figures, led by Trenton Zimmeran with a game-high 21 points.

“We're moving the ball really well, and like Coach Falknor says, just try to wear people out really,” Zimmerman said. “We're really trying to emphasis that this year.”

Jackson finished with 14 points for the Panthers, while Harris had 13, St. Clair added 12, and Lucas Will and Fraser each scored 10.

“We're off to a good start,” Harris said. “Coach is really trying to emphasize defense with us. That is the main thing, because we know the offense will come, and goes hand-in-hand with good defense.”

After the break for Christmas, the Panthers will visit Oak Harbor on Friday for a Sandusky Bay Conference game, then visit Mansfield St. Peter's on Saturday.

Monroeville will host New London in a Firelands Conference game Friday.

After losing some early season games to postponements from the football playoffs for some of the SMCC opponents, Falknor is happy to be playing anyone but themselves.

“It feels good to not just be beating on each other,” he said. “It's kind of nice to get a few games in here before another short break. The kids are working hard.”



Their coach declined comment? Sore losers that whole staff is, SMCC could have scored 100


Kind sir, I would ask you to not make fun of the school. Don't ask why some of the kids who did play last year didn't sign on this year. Please don't ask why a team with such a horrible record over these last years still has the same coaching system. Please don't ask why kids that could play through the past years don't play due to the fact that they are taught that the ultimate goal of playing is to win, like the Monroeville Girls volleyball team did (Coach Snook, can you PLEASE coach this boys And please don't bring up the pure American fact that if we as a country weren't winners in the past, we wouldn't be a free country, and that the young kids in sports now and how they are taught is the beginning of that attitude for life. Fact is, the game was a rout bigger than the final score tells...81 to 35 with 8 minutes left??? Then they empty their bench. And the awesomeness of the Monroeville team begins to make a comeback. Kind sir, please leave the kids alone. Your said "sore losers ...staff" They are somehow though some power of Satan, or "stupid", stuck with your "sore staff...". Maybe we need to vote out some more "upper staff". But kind sir, please don't mention names... just call them staff. Because yes, in Monroeville they do have a staff infection that can't be killed off easily.
Why didn't the taller boys play this year. Why didn't a kid named Daniel ever play? Please kind sir, don't single him out either, cause he just HATES LOSING IN A BAD BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD WAY, just like his DADDY.


Even with those kids SMCC would have won by 30, enjoy yourself kind sir


They beat the coaches. The athletes are decent until they start practice every year. Look at Monroeville's past record. I think the school systems idea of coaching is one that needs a little Ex-Lax. The other kids more than likely quit due to bad coaching decisions, something the fans are forced to get used to. I hate that some kids won't play due to the junk that goes on, but maybe they are true Americans that believe that winning is great. The kids in there now, with out the kids that were in there, are not at fault. Go ahead and look up the past few years of BBB records and tell me what is wrong in Monroeville. Are all the farm kids out here just plain uncoordinated and goofy? No. But somehow, somewhere in the late spring when "non mandatory practice" begins, they end up "un-athletic". Some on some teams are told that they won't play much because they weren't there at 6 am or there in the summer for the so called "non mandatory practice". Told they won't see much playing time because they weren't there for the "non-mandatory practices". Fact is, this is illegal for coaches to convey that thought to the kids. So all that devotion and then the let down on the court...lead to burnout. Yeah, someone stinks, but it isn't the real athletes, the kids. I know one thing...St. Paul or Norwalk would never put up with a decade of this garbage. Would U???