Monroeville hoops coach on the hot seat?

School board to decide Zac Reer's fate Monday; share your thoughts about the Monroeville boys' basketball program.
Scott Seitz
Apr 13, 2014

Monday night’s Monroeville school board meeting could get interesting.

On the agenda are many of the supplemental contracts for the school year.

It was reported Friday the supplemental contracts for the boys’ basketball program likely will be pulled from the main agenda and voted on separately.

The boys’ basketball program is led by head coach Zac Reer, who just completed his 10th season at the helm.

Ty Reer, Zac’s brother, is the boys’ junior varsity basketball coach.

In April 2011, more than 100 people gathered at a school board meeting when a group of concerned parents had called for Reer’s removal as head coach.

The school board listened to the parents’ concerns at that time, but ultimately renewed Reer’s contract.

On Friday, the current school board members remained tight-lipped about Monday’s meeting.

“I’m not at liberty to make any statement,” school board member Sandy Lonz said when asked how she might vote on Reer’s contract Monday.

“Any comments have to go through Nancy Brown, our board president,” Lonz said.

“I’d rather not comment,” board member Brian Watt said Friday.

Watt edged former board member Steve Reer for a seat on the school board in the November election.

Brown confirmed Friday the boys’ basketball supplementals will be voted on separately.

“I’m not going to make a comment at this point,” Brown added. “The board will address the situation Monday and go from there.”

Brown said if a large number of people attend the 7 p.m. Monday meeting, it can be moved to the school cafeteria.


hit the road jack

Tough place to keep a coaching job,limited amount of talent and parents who think their kid should start or whatever.


Nothing gives credibility to a kid quicker than a parent getting on a public forum and telling everyone how good his kid is. Let the kid play and prove it. The next thing you're going to tell me is that he has the wrong last name to get a fair shake. Comparing the program to socialism? What ever you people in Monkeeville are smoking ... I'll pass!


Maybe the girls volleyball program has so much success because so many of the kids play in the off season? If I am not mistaken many of the successful boys this year play AAU? Sadly, if you want your kid to be successful, they need to put the time & money in, not just at the city park or in the driveway, but in playing games against quality opponents. They need to learn to play for a variety of different coaching styles and learn to show respect for the coaches they play for. Although you may not agree all the time with the decisions a coach makes, your child should not be able to see your frustration. Your job is to let your child know you support them, and to teach them how to be a successful member of society. Sometimes you butt heads with the people in charge, and you still have to fight through and do your job. Sometimes if you realize there is a problem, you have to be able to talk to your coach and share your thoughts, not have your parent do it for you. Sometimes you need to ask yourself "Am I doing all I can to be successful?" Am I wrong in saying the boys basketball program is not the only boys program at Monroeville struggling right now? Can all that blame really be put on every coach Monroeville has hired? Coach Reer and his staff has devoted a lot of time in developing a youth program, which is more than a lot of local schools can say. They have done a lot with a limited amount of resources, being from such a small school. The family has worked tirelessly to create and raise money for new softball and baseball fields, and a new gymnasium as well. How sad that some of this may not be finished because of personal vendettas. The success of the team towards the end of the season was due in large part to the fact that the athletes were playing as a team and buying into the system. The boys and coaches worked their butts off and had already begun open gyms in preparation for next year. Many of the boys are playing AAU because they want to play basketball. Yes, there were some good athletes that were missed, however, the least that you can say is that every boy there wanted to be there. That speaks a lot for the success of a team.


Very well said!


I have coached again them and while the talent isn't there right now, they are also sore losers and whiners sometimes


Being good against family members in the driveway and being good against varsity caliber players in a gym is completely pointless. While i see you are very proud of your kids. This is not the place. Not every kid is a winner in life and i feel as though some parents need their kids to feel what its like to face some adversity in life. Otherwise we are raising a generation of winners. Which gets them nowhere in life. Everyone want their kid to be a div. 1 athlete playing football bball or another sport at a big college. Guess what? Not very many kids get that. Maybe you should concentrate on the lessons you learn from not winning and playing for a sub par team. Like hard work and how to fight back when your down. Rather than just walk away its not your fault mommy and daddy will hold you.


Let me know when you find a coach or group of coaches who will care for the kids and program as much as this group has. You won't. Good luck finding a coach at all. In at least 3 decades there has not been a mville coach last for more than 2 seasons (bball) until coach Reer. He's stuck it through even with all the bs from parents. Mville has always been about football, bball never has had the community support like football has.This ccoaching staff has made more sacrafices then anyone knows. I don't know why anyone else would want to come in and coach when all it takes is a few upset parents, because their kids are not good and not playing, to come in and complain and now there's a big mtg. With that being said if you talk to the AD this year he had no complaints about the coaches. This came from nowhere. Well, probably a school board member and some parents who don't have kids that play varsity with some jealous agenda.


It's a pud basketball program with sub par athletes and apparently a community of delusional parents. Granted great athletes come from anywhere (e.g. the Fab Four wrestlers from Monroeville), but this is a team that would be beaten by 50 points by Norwalk or Perkins junior varsity programs.
Lack athletic ability/basketball skills/small pool of kids... makes things tough.


Ole45, you're one of those CLUELESS parents who thinks they know everything, but actually has no idea what they're talking about. As a person who has coached a variety of sports at several schools, I can make that statement with extreme confidence and accuracy. Let me give you some examples of why you are clueless:

1--"My son's a good basketball player, but he hates to lose and I WON'T LET HIM play for a team with bad coaches." That statement is so ridiculous, it's COMICAL. What makes you such an expert on coaching? Have you been the GM of an NBA team, coached at the collegiate level, or even been a high school coach or athletic director? My guess is NO!!!! Your ignorance is truly laughable, and your son is the only person being hurt by your choice to NOT ALLOW him to play.
2--"The same kids who play well at the park in the summer suddenly play bad in high school games." That is even MORE COMICAL. Thanks for providing me with laughter so early in the morning. This is HILARIOUS on so many levels: How many college coaches are at a community park in Monroeville, Ohio looking for players because the talent level is so great? ZERO!!! I'm guessing that most college coaches (except wrestling coaches) don't even know where Monroeville is, because the talent isn't there. That isn't because of poor coaching, it's because of no talent. Also, how much defense is played at the community park during the summer? My guess is, very little.
3--AAU does have some good aspects, but isn't a good thing overall. There is a lot of corruption at the AAU level because of coaches who only have their self-interests in mind, and (for the most part) much needed fundamentals (that are desperately needed at schools like Monroeville) are not learned or taught either.
4--Norwalk is good because they do have a good coach and system. But most importantly, they have talented athletes, height, and play well together AS A TEAM. Playing together as a team happened because the athletes listened to their coaches over the years and didn't have their parents make excuses for them.
5--"Men who care like I do who have their C & C permits and drink beer and work hard." How exactly is any of that statement relevant to high school basketball in Monroeville? Also, I hope you don't play with your guns while you're drinking all those beers.
6--"There are no lessons to be learned from not winning." Have you ever heard about a guy named Michael Jordan? You know, the guy who might be the greatest basketball player (Bill Russell, Wilt Chamberlain, Kareem, or The Big "O" might disagree) of all-time? The same Michael Jordan who failed several times, INCLUDING being cut by his high school coach. The Michael Jordan who has said on numerous occasions that he learned most of all from his failures and became a better player because of them.

Please keep commenting and providing us with some much needed entertainment on a Monday morning.


Great post Wally! I think Ole45 had a few beers before he started posting.

hit the road jack

How does anyone expect a school system of what 750 pupils(if that)think they are going to field a team almost every year? sure as hell not me! I have talked to previous coaches and assistants and the biggest problem is the parents and how their kid doesn't get to play and on and on,you can not make them happy no matter what.
If I had a kid and I knew the way things are at that school I'd send them to either Bellevue or Norwalk where they would have a chance.(that is if I had one that was any good)


Nice post Flyerpride55!


I would challenge you to find a coach who puts in as much time as Coach Reer does. Ole 45 Mag, we all know who you are. You are continuously putting Monroeville schools down. If you are so unhappy with the school system, maybe it's time for you to consider pulling your children and taking them elsewhere. Your endless rants are simply ridiculous and you make yourself look like a fool.

You can't compare Monroeville to Norwalk. It's like comparing an apple to an orange. Norwalk has a much larger population with a bigger pool of talent. They probably have tryouts and cuts. Everyone doesn't make the team. Monroeville, with a much small population, takes all who want to play. You play with the talent you have and you do your best. Losing is inevitable and it happens. You can't place all the blame on the coach. Since you seem to know SO much about basketball Ole Mag 45 maybe you should consider applying for the job. I've urged you before to go back to school, get a teaching license, and teach. Put your money where your mouth is. You seem to have so much knowledge about how a school should be run. Your comments are ridiculous!

From Ole 45 Mag, "MY senior daughter is still a virgin in both the vaginal way and the oral Clinton way. They do not accept the immoral sexual attitudes of either the heterosexual ways or the homosexual ways. " I'm sure your daughter really appreciates you posting this about her. Seriously? You are whacked! I'm sure she is mortified because EVERYONE knows who you are!!


Maybe you should talk to the players who did not quit....the ones who fought hard! Those players respect him as a coach and a person. Those are the players who do not have to have their parents fight any battle they may incur. The ones who quit didn't want to be there....fine. the one was not good the other was lazy, but the boys who continued to play are the ones that matter and they will be there tonight in support of him! Its just sad to see parents allow their children to quit and its sad that parents who no longer have children play can cause this much hurt to a family which will in turn hurt the school. ..just you wait and see! !

hit the road jack

I'm just curious why they didn't put anything on their blog as to the new sports complex they want to build at the school,It will be interesting to see the supposed alumni pony up the bucks for their Alma Matter,I doubt that they will send the money back home,they got what they wanted and are no longer in the district.


Three administrators agree that Coach Reer should be renewed. Satisfactory performance evaluations. Limited resources and financial support. A joke of a gym.

If any blame can be laid, it is a Board of Education that micromanages and creates political fiasco's like this. A few months ago one of them referred to Black Swamp Volleyball as a "mafia" in public session. They don't like the Volleyball coach because she has high expectations. They don't like Coach Reer because his program has struggled. The football coach quit because of lack of support. This place is going downhill fast.

Maybe they need Logan Stieber to come to town to talk about what it takes to be a champion. Pretty sure he would tell them it's ultimately up to the athlete.


Well they got what they wanted....the board says they are doing what's best for the boys...I call bs...the team was crying and more upset than anyone. If they cared about the boys they would have listened. It wad all about having a little get together Friday night at a persons house whose kid no longer plays and having board members there and doing what he was paid to do. And the real pathetic thing is that not one board member looked up while voting. ..cowards. well the Reers will say goodbye to mville and move on to better things.


So your kid quit because of 6am workouts? I just laughed a little bit.

Common Sense

That intonation certainly speaks volumes about the member of the board of education in Monroeville. It may be time for a lesson in tactfulness. Or is this the case of a sore loser?