Reer out at Monroeville

Despite strong support at school board meeting, coach non-renewed after 10 seasons as boys' basketball coach.
Scott Seitz
Apr 15, 2014

After 10 years at the helm, Zac Reer will not be returning as boys’ basketball coach at Monroeville.    The Monroeville school board voted 4-1 to nonrenew Reer’s supplemental contract Monday night.  

Only school board member Mike Helmstetter   supported Reer, while Nancy Brown, Sandy Lonz, Scott Sparks and Brian Watt said in a joint statement it’s time for the program to move in another direction.    Brown read the following statement to a packed school cafeteria:   

“The Monroeville Local School board would like to thank coach Zac Reer for 10 years of service. We wish him the very best. At this time, the board believes it is in the best interest of our district to move the boys’ basketball program forward under new direction. Thank you.”   

Brown said after the meeting that would be the only statement the board members would make on the issue.   

The school board’s decision did not please a number of Reer’s supporters in the audience who told the board to “think about the kids.”   

A group of supporters and players, many in tears, gathered outside the school after the meeting, still in apparent disbelief of the final outcome.   

Reer offered a brief comment afterward.    “I’d like to thank my former and current players for all the dedication and support they’ve put into the program over the years,” he said.   

The school board’s vote went against the recommendation of Superintendent Gregg Elchert, who supported the rehiring of Reer as head coach.    Before voting, the board members held a lengthy executive session, calling in a number of current players and community members for input.   

A group of concerned parents had approached the school board in April 2011, asking for Reer’s removal as coach, but after listening to the parents’ concerns at that time, the board renewed his contract.   

Ty Reer, Zac’s brother, was the boys’ junior varsity basketball coach.   

A multitude of supplemental contracts were approved Monday, including Brad Dunlap, girls’ varsity basketball coach, Kendra Snook, head volleyball coach, and Mike Tommas, head wrestling coach.   

Dunlap, representing the Monroeville Teachers Association, spoke out against the removal of Reer as head coach before the vote, saying a vote to nonrenew his contract would “undermine the trust of everyone involved.”   

Before the board voted to non-renew, Helmstetter made a motion to renew Reer’s contract, but that motion died for the lack of a second.   

The non-renewal of Reer’s contract leaves the school in the position of needing to fill its head basketball and head football coaching positions.




Nobody is safe at that school with those board members. The most important people that should matter in this decision were pushed off to the side, the current players. Ask any one of them, they only wanted to play for Zac, they respect him, one even said he's like a father to them....but again, they don't care about the kids or school, good luck to all coaches and teaches there, you aren't safe, esp when the AD and superintendents opinion don't matter. Way to abuse your power mville school board. By the way I hope everyone is aware the new gym will no longer happen!


Last nights meeting was SAD in so many ways. The cowardly way the board proceeded with the non-renewal..."We are heading in a different direction"...give me a break- you are listening to a few - just come out and say it.
Yes my family was hurt tremendously last night...but we will recover...the boys and their mom and dad are fighting a.much bigger fight than MHS ... and they will all survive it. My daughters and grandchildren will survive....they will come out of this stronger for sure.

SAD because last nights decision was made before meeting ever started.
SAD to see the disrespect the board has toward their Superintndent, Principal and AD.
SAD to see the disrespect toward Mr Dunlap MTA president. The comment made by board president was rude and demeening.
SAD to see so many young men and parents think that talking to you in closed session was going to change your mind....only to learn a hard life is not fair and your opinions mean zilch.
SAD to see the disrespect of board member Sparks "wink" as he came out of closed session to front row ....Im pretty sure he wasnt winking at me.
SAD to see so many people thinking their presence made a difference

After vote to non wad stated by board "this is about the boys" ....clearing not.

SADDEST of all was to see grown men, young men and parents all hugging and sobbing after. Young men saying "they wouldnt even look at us when we talked" or "mom...we dont matter" talk about breaking your heart. Maybe you should watch security cameras by your front door to see what happened.

But the BEST thing that happened after all settled a little ....was to see all these coaches shaking the hands of the parents saying "Its been a pleasure to coach your son"

MHS that is a class act....not the board members.

I pray that these boys and parents will find some peace and be able to move on. I know our family will.....because we are together thru thick n thin.

Also Mr Helmstetter, we would like to thank you for not being a follower. Any comments about board do NOT apply to you. I didnt see any disrespect from you.

Best of luck to our friends at monroeville, I believe this to be the beginning of a long hard road.


We elected the board, we must honor their decision or do something about it. Our votes count, we had a choice in November and we stuck with the status quo. We changed one board member and the gentlemen elected had barely ever been to a board meeting.


Sure isn't the Happy Day Town I grew up in. Must be all Libs on The board now.


Finally all reers gone!! By the way that new gym will happen. The man who donated the million dollars for gym did it for the kids and the school not the reers!!


The Reers are not done, they've only gotten stronger!

Mayor Cochran

Z. Reer 6-12-0

Z. REER 3-18-0

Z. Reer 3-17-0

Z. REER 8-12-0

Z. Reer 10-12-0

Z. Reer 8-14-0

Z. REER 12-9-0

Z. REER 6-16-0

Z. REER 1-18-0

Why are people upset again? I'm confused


You can't make a Chevy out of Cadillac parts.


Mayor Cochran I agree with your statements 100%. No one said Zac and his family were bad neighbors but their home is up for sale. No one said Zac was a poor teacher and rescinding his contract. And how about his daughter announcing her disdain that she will no longer play sports with girls that have been with her throughout her school life. What have they done to deserve to be treated as such. His program just has not worked for whatever reason. Be gracious and step down for the future of the program. Obviously the community spoke when electing the current school board. Everyone knew whether it was said or not that this was the proposed. If you don't like the way things are handled-get involved or shut up.Who else would have been kept this long with a loosing record. That's the way it works.


I don't know anything about the Reer's good or bad.I have no dog in this fight and could really care less.I will have to say Good Luck finding anybody worth their weight in cold p**s applying for that job until there is a new gym built.Red Auerbach couldn't teach today's basketball in that dump.

hit the road jack

Don't complain about that gym that they just got done dumping a chit load of money into,as long as your at it send a $50,000 check to the fund to build a new gymnasium because the taxes are already too high for this school system!
This is EXACTLY what I stated as the fist comment on this blog,That a few people try to run the school the way THEY see fit and not what EVERYONE else wants and that is why a lot of people leave Monroeville,too many people stick their nose where it doesn't belong!


I can complain about that gym because it is a fact that the gym is a Dump with a capital D.Like I mentioned before I have no dog in this fight so why would I waste 50K of my money to help them build a new gym?The gym my kids play hoops in and school they attend are just fine.Not perfect mind you but no complaints from me.

hit the road jack

Well,the only way I see it is you go play in your gym and leave your 2 cents worth of opinion at someone else's door,they don't need any evaluations from you if you aren't willing to pony up,this is why there is so much of "well,so and so has a nice school and gym why can't we" like a bunch of damn kids,IF YOU WON'T PAY FOR IT SHUT UP!


I AM paying for a nice gym and new school and I pushed hard locally to help pass the levy in my hometown to help fund them.Why would I waste 1 red cent helping Monkeyville build a new gym or school?

hit the road jack

What are you doing on here then? provoking someone?


Read my 1st post nitwit.I only stated my opinion.Monkeyville will not attract a decent coach because of that gym.The 1st person who interviews and walks into the gym and lockeroom is going to be running for an exit.I don't know if there are teaching positions open or not but if there isn't you might have a janitor calling X's & O's come Friday nights because no current teacher or outsider will apply.The BOE will force the 2nd shift janitor to run the program.


Reva you have just verfied what everyone has said ... the board had an 'adgenda' it did not matter what any of the players or parents said your statement 'OBVIOUSLY THE COMMUNITY SPOKE WHEN ELECTING THE CURRENT SCHOOL BOARD. EVERYONE.KNEW WHETHER IT WAS SAID OR.NOT THAT THIS WAS THE PROPOSED." you just validated peoples feelings. Maybe that is why no one could look at those boys last night.

As for Zac and his family moving....not many people stay where they are not wanted.

And as for Samantha, my granddaughter, just dont go there. She is a teenage girl who has been treated poorly by many, has dealt with a.major tragedy in the last month, and she doesnt want to be where she is not wanted either. As an dare you even bring her into this.

I think this community has done enough. Do not add to it


For the citizens of this district, the real concern should not be the amount of wins, losses, support of the coach, non-support of the coach, the concern should be that the school board is micro-managing the situation. School boards approve the hiring of their administrative staff, and, once they do, it is, really, up those administrative hires to evaluate and recommend supplemental staff for rehire. Once that manner of system breaks down, which it clearly has, then the district is at the mercy of five people—four of whom are apparently not strong enough, adult enough, or ethical enough, to resist peer pressure from a loud few. It is not the duty of school boards to behave or act in this manner. That opinion is not simply my own, but also that of the Ohio Revised Code. Being a staff member or taking up a supplemental position at any school is a thankless job. And every person who has ever taken up the mantel to do right by children and accept any of these jobs knows this; however, what one expects is that the rules of fairness and decency will be followed. When this is not done, a system will crumble from the top down.


Very well stated


Also appears they have violated the Code of Ethics of the Ohio School Boards Association, which I believe they are a member "Delegate authority for the administration of the schools to the superintendent and staff"


Perfectly stated SGunther77.

hit the road jack

I got a solution to everyone's problem on here,just shut the damn school down and everyone will be happy,its too expensive to operate,nothing but misery anymore and it isn't going to get any better with the few people who run or think they run the school system.


Amen, there is nothing better than the atmosphere and education you get when you attend a small school. People care and you are not just a number. I would not want my kids going to any other school around here.


Be careful what you wish for because it could happen very easy with Norwalk,Bellevue and Willard absorbing the kids.The Monkeyville folks would be crying horse tears then.