St. Paul, Western, Monroeville, New London gain top FC honors

St. Paul, Western Reserve, Monroeville and New London gained top honors as the Firelands Conference football teams were announced. Staff
Nov 14, 2012

Flyer senior Michael Griffin was named the Offensive Back of the Year.

New London senior Damon Bollin snared the Offensive Lineman of the Year honor.

The defensive winners were Western Reserve senior Jake Springer as Back of the Year and Monroeville junior Seth Farley the Lineman of the Year.

New London’s Justin Vorhies was selected the FC’s Coach of the Year.

South Central, Plymouth, Crestview and Mapleton were the other schools with first-team FC representation.

First team

Quarterback: Brett Naymik, Sr., Mapleton.
Running back: Michael Griffin, Sr., St. Paul; Rick Heck, Jr., Monroeville; Theron Martz, Sr., Western Reserve.
Receiver: Connor Black, Soph., Mapleton; Dane Held, Sr., New London.
Center: Dominic Davie, Sr., South Central; Cal Meyer, Jr., St. Paul; Logan Campbell, Jr., Crestview.
Guard: Jordan Horning, Sr., Western Reserve; Damon Bollin, Sr., New London.
Tackle: Dillan Mullins, Sr., Western Reserve; Levi Myers, Sr., Plymouth.
TE: Josh Dillard, Sr., New London.
Kicker: Scottie Slauterbeck, Sr., St. Paul.
Line: Seth Farley, Jr., Monroeville; Ryan Reikowski, Jr., St. Paul; Clay Wilson, Sr., New London.
LB: Jake Springer, Sr., Western Reserve; Damon Bollin, Sr., New London; Jaret Nickoli, Fr., St. Paul.
OLB/DE: Ian Ramos, Sr., Western Reserve; Mason Robson, Jr., Western Reserve.
DB: Michael Griffin, Sr., St. Paul; Connor Smith, Sr., St. Paul; Jacob Muenz, Sr., Western Reserve; Dane Held, Sr., New London.
Punter: Scottie Slauterbeck, Jr., St. Paul.
Second team

Quarterback: Hunter Bailey, Soph., Plymouth.
Running back: Devin Smith, Soph., St. Paul; Willie Roth, Sr., Western Reserve; Jay Hill, Jr., Crestview.
Receiver: Nate Good, Jr., Western Reserve; Ryan Sweet, Sr., Monroeville.
Guard: Ryan Reikowski, Jr., St. Paul; Shawn Gray, Sr., Plymouth.
Tackle: Ben Jenkins, Sr., St. Paul; Andrew Higgins, Sr., Monroeville; Tyler Shank, Sr., Mapleton.
TE: Jerimiah Crager, Sr., Plymouth.
Kicker: Brett Roberts, Sr., Plymouth.
Line: Tim Hunkley, Jr., Western Reserve: Austin Shepherd, Sr., Plymouth; Dominic Davie, Sr., South Central.
LB: Cal Meyer, Jr., St. Paul; Zach Butler, Sr., Plymouth; Jay Hill, Jr., Crestview.
OLB/DE: Brandon Sparks, Sr., Monroeville; Chance Butcher, Soph., Plymouth.
DB: Levi Anderson, Jr., Monroeville; Nate Good, Jr., Western Reserve; Logan Bethard, Sr., Western Reserve; Tyler Elkins, Sr., Plymouth.
Punter: Brett Roberts, Sr., Plymouth.
Honorable mention

QB: Will Pritt, Jr., Western Reserve.
Running back: Caleb Barnett, Sr., South Central; Aaron King, Jr., Crestview; Nick Thomas, Jr., New London.
Receiver: Nate Ash, Sr., Western Reserve; Tyrell Edmiston, Soph., Plymouth.
Guard: Justin Fulton, Sr., St. Paul; Jake Krill, Sr., Monroeville; Cody Ramage, Sr., Western Reserve; Jacob Bishop, Sr., Crestview.
TE: Anthony Shepherd, Sr., South Central
Line: Nate Tommas, Jr., Monroeville; Matt VanDootingh, Soph., St. Paul; Zac Arnold, Sr., Plymouth; Chris Gregg, Jr., Mapleton; Dillon Hall, Sr., New London.
LB: Nick Tommas, Jr., Monroeville; Cameron Conaway, Fr., South Central; Travis Pickering, Soph., Mapleton; Deven Phillips, Sr., New London.
OLB/DE: Jesse Gross, Jr., St. Paul; Damian Conglose, Jr., Western Reserve: Anthony Shepherd, Sr., South Central; Nate McIntosh, Soph., New London.
DB: Wes Fritz, Soph., St. Paul.
Additonal honorable mention
Monroeville: Colton Ott, Sr.
Mapleton: Jamun Kidd, Sr.; Corey Kowatch, Soph.
Plymouth: Luke Houser, Jr.; Adam Predieri, Sr.
Crestview: Matt McBride, Sr.; Nick Hout, Jr.



check this video out and you tell me who the conference lineman of the year was...


if Bollin was the offensive lineman of the year why is there a picture of him making a takle? wow i must not know football very well i thought offensive lineman blocked for their runningbacks so they can get 1000 yds (Theron Martz) and sometimes almost 2000 yds (Blake Buckhannon 2 yrs in a row) watch the video above and tell me who the best lineman was BY FAR...




Should post worst Coach of the year an give it to Stull @ Western


its Stoll jackwagon and he should have been coach of the year. winning the conference after losing last years senior least when it comes to voting on players for all-conference he doesnt vote off, so his players get more votes and screw kids that work their ass off to get some recognition so they can maybe get a scholorship... like some of the coaches in the conference. shame on you guys that did that.......