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Pirates win Hometown Showdown V

Perkins top Sandusky, 47-7
Kelsey Pence
Sep 7, 2013

Perkins scored on all but two possessions Friday night en route to a 47-7 Hometown Showdown win against the Blue Streaks at Strobel Field at Cedar Point Stadium.

The Pirates accumulated 601 all-purpose yards in the win, which gives them a 3-2 series lead.The two times the Pirates failed to score were at the end of the first and second half as time expired.

Photos from pregame and game action

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“That's why I am disappointed. There is still room for improvement,” Perkins coach Jason Ziegler said. “We have not played our best football yet. But we are still working for it. We haven't played our perfect game yet and we are still striving for that.”

The Pirates ran for three straight first downs on their opening drive of the night, which ended in a 14-yard run by Dale Irby. The 64-yard drive took just six plays.

Sandusky's Jay Moore returned Perkins' punt for 67 yards to set up a first-and-10 on the Pirate 14, but the Blue Streaks had a quarterback sack in the backfield followed by an incomplete pass and failed fourth down attempt.

Perkins quarterback David Doster completed four passes on the ensuing 14-play drive that resulted in a  3-yard run by John Workman to cap off an 80-yard drive.

Irby helped Perkins grab another score late in the first half, a 7-yard run to finish off a 6-play, 72-yard drive.

The Pirates got the ball back and were set up for a first-and-10 on Sandusky's 29-yard line, but Doster was sacked and the Pirates were called for a delay of game. Doster threw an incomplete pass on third down to end the half.

“Going into halftime, we made some mistakes and probably should have scored again,” Ziegler said. “I know we beat them by a lot, but I am still — as a coach — disappointed we didn't execute that little end of the first half.”

Perkins got the ball to start the second half and used just 1:02 of clock to score. After Irby rushed for three yards on the first down, Doster hit tight end Kyle Lewis for a 71-yard touchdown pass.

Moore handled most of the ground work in the first half, but was injured and sidelined for the second half.
It showed.

“I thought we were able to move the ball in the first half,” Sandusky coach Mike Franklin said. “Unfortunately in the second half, Jay went down for us and when Jay went down, that caused us some problems in our offense.”

Perkins scored again in the third quarter, a 2-yard run by Treyvon Moore, leaving 4:05 left on the clock.

“Trevon Moore stepped up tonight,” Ziegler said. “Tony Didion was down this week and Trevon and Seth Boggs went in there and both filled their roles nicely. I am really happy with both of them. I thought they really stepped up. A junior and a sophomore, just real proud of the way they played.”

Didion went down early in last week's game vs. Bellevue with a high sprain. Ziegler said Didion's healthy enough to play and will most likely return next week.
“We could have played him tonight if we needed him, but we just felt we don't want him back at 80 or 90 percent,” Ziegler said. “We want him back at 100 percent. Boggs and Juwan Minnifield both came in as backs and did a nice job.”

Doster ran in a 2-yard touchdown at the beginning of the fourth quarter and Minnifield ran in a 4-yarder with 3:39 left to play. Matt Cremean accounted for five PATs in Perkins' win.

Sandusky was able to avoid a shutout with a score in the fourth quarter by Sidney Hearvey. He ran 73 yards for a touchdown with 2:19 left to play. David Linden sealed the extra point.

“I thought we got better from our first game through our first half,” Franklin said. “We're a little banged up right now and it was very easy to see, very evident. We can't stay the same. We've got to get better. Our kids will get better. We've got kids that really care about our program and I know we'll get better.”

Ziegler said he was just as impressed with the defensive effort as he was in Week 1. “Our defensive line played great again this week,” he said. “Dylan Hermes played real good. He played like a man out there.”

For the Pirates, Doster completed 9-of-11 passing for 212 yards while Irby combined for 162 all-purpose yards. “David starting to pick up his role,” Ziegler said. “He is doing a great job. He is still hobbling around a little bit but I thought he played a great game. We put a lot on Dale tonight again and I thought Dale stepped up and played a great game. I am proud of the effort we have but we still have to get better.”

Moore rushed for 53 yards on six carries while Ryan Harris rushed for 41 yards on two carries. Lewis caught for receptions for 128 yards.

For the Blue Streaks, Hearvey rushed for 73 yards on two attempts and Brady McKillips completed 5-of-15 passing for 48 yards.



Holy cow! Sandusky is getting blown out week after week! What the heck is going on over there?


It's been two weeks. And Fremont is our toughest. Maybe a season where they lost a lot of talent?


Maybe it should be changed to the Perkins register? Or erie county register?


What an embaressment. Sandusky use to be a power house in division one, now they cant buy a win in division 3??????? Outside of winning the conference two years ago, every team has stunk since 2002, but that one.


You got that right! The talent is there. But, these kids just don't want to work! And, the sizes of these kids seem to be so small! We have no big guys out there! When you focus all of your effort on one or two athletes, it will bite you in the butt! Proof of last night. Gene got hurt and jay got hurt. Then, they were also missing two other key players. Don't focus on the few.... Give all of the team attention! I still have faith in them that they can pull out a couple of wins! But nothing like the "good old days!"


I heard that the QB that took over after the one got injured was only a freshman. Too bad all those kids bailed on SHS after Perkins became open enrollment. Maybe they should come back home...


What a shame... The Blue Streaks used to be a powerhouse in football now the way the are playing is just painful to watch. Good luck