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The rematch — Perkins vs. Clyde

Give us your prediction when the two meet in Bellevue Friday.
Scott Seitz
Nov 14, 2013

The Perkins Pirates (11-0) and Clyde Fliers (10-1) will battle Friday night at Bellevue in a Division III, Region 8 semifinal.

Perkins won the regular season matchup between the two teams, 34-14.

Be sure to read about the matchup in Thursday's Magazine, available in Thursday's Sandusky Register and Norwalk Reflector

Give us your thoughts in the comments below on which team wins this game and why.



Clyde 28-14. The defense is playing as tough as it has in years these last several weeks and learned a lot from their mistakes in the first meeting. Playing their tall DBs vs Perkins' WRs this time around will make a huge difference. Irby is a great player but can't do it by himself. The Clyde coaching staff and players will be ready, and Perkins may have too much confindence going in. It's going to be a fun game! Both teams have great athletes and a great rivalry going.

Tru Grit

Perkins 35-21. Perkins ride onto the regional final with a convincing win over the fliers again. Perkins has to many weapon for Clyde to shutdown, and thats not even mentioning POY Dale Irby. The defense is spot on, coaching staff are going to have a hell of a game plan as well. While Clyde has improved since the first meeting, Perkins is just simply the better team and come Friday they will continue their journey. Should be a great game but the fire power of the pirates is just to much for the fliers.

HS Sports Fan

Perkins 27-17. Not quite sure what jeffdsp means by Irby doing it himself. The Pirates have Workman, Moore and now the addition of Jeremy Miller out of the backfield. Maybe it's a challenge to them and the rest of the team. In the first meeting the Pirates shutdown Clyde's running game and forced them to a horrible and inaccurate passing game. Sure adjustments will be made making round 2 a better game. As an independent fan this is the kind of game I look forward to. Here's a challenge, pass the ball to whoever Dale Irby is covering. I love watching this kid.


Clyde wins a nail biter. Although I think Perkins is good, its just so tough to beat the same team twice in a season in HS. Final Score 31-28 Clyde


Clydes defense comes in with something to prove!!! They went flat with the delay and power outage during the first game. Clydes offense burns up the clock! Clyde take it 21-7!


Everyone thought Norwalk would lose the year they won state, or how about Bellevue who won against many teams they were supposed to be an underdog.


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perkins wins 28-21 and i agree hsfb toledo cc is stacked



So you really think the players from both schools (and coaches) dont' think this matters just because the winner will play the potential future state champion? Really? Those kids are going to go out and knock the snot out of each other and not even worry about Toledo Central Catholic until the clock reads 0:00.

I disagree with you about Toledo CC winning the D1 crown as well. Last year they were beaten by Toldeo Whitmer, the D1 state runnerup. They do have a lot of talent and a 4-star QB who is going to Notre Dame next year, but regardless, they will have a nice battle with Akron St. Vincent St. Mary. SVSM has two division 1 college recruits, both of whom got offers from Ohio State and are committed there and one of them also a 4-star.

This game could go either way. It's just like last year's matchup with Bellevue and Perkins, it's a tossup and could come down to the wire and be another nail biter.

Put America 1st

Agree with Fandyman neither Perkins or Clyde will lie down to TCC with that said Toledo CC has about 6 kids that will play Division 1 but SVSM will have a lot to say on who is crown Division 3 Champion.

First time around, Perkins actually looked bad in the first half with 4 drop passes, losing their QB for nearly a quarter, the back judge interfering on a sure TD, stupid penalities, fumbles and when it was all said and done...Perkins crush Clyde. A focus, well prepared Perkins team will once again beat Clyde by 3 or more TDs.

Tru Grit

HSFB, you just showed how little you truly know about football. The favorite in D3 is ASVSM for one. Two they wouldn't win D1 because they would have to get past some of the best teams in northeast ohio. The Whitmer team they beat this year got spanked in the opening round as well, so that kills your Witmer comment. Whoever plays TCC, will play their heart out and hopefully when it's the 4th quarter at the clock is at 00:00, TCC is going home and not the the state semi-final game.


Popcorn was stale... and so was the "show"!

crazyaide it!!!


I really hope Clyde pulls this one out. Irby may be a great athlete, but school comes first. Clyde will win with the upset. 21-14 Their defense is on stop, and since scrimmaging Norwalk's runner (Breck Turner) they really have improved and been able to stop the run. Go Clyde!


IMO both teams are ready to play. This game will either be a blow out by one side or the other or itll be a battle royale going down to the wire. The playoff games are never anything like regular season games. Best game plan wins. My SBC team will win. But im routing for Hoppe!


No contest,Perkins,close !

Tru Grit

Bheezy, give it a rest pal. We get it you're proud of Dale, heck I think all of Perkins twp is proud of Dale but seriously your arrogance blinds you. Perkins if they do win and if they do beat TCC, which is a hefty if would face ASVSM, in the state semi-final match, not the state championship. Like I stated before Dale is a very big reason the pirates are undefeated but he isn't the only reason. It's going to be a great game tomorrow night ill be in attendance and cheering on my alma mater!! Go Pirates!!


Hey bheezy how about them Fliers. One guy cannot make a team, when others figure out how to stop him.


way to go Clyde!!!!


HS Sports you know what I'm taking about now? Clyde shut down Irby as I knew they would this time around and nobody else on Perkins is talented enough to overcome Clyde's talent. Hmmm...I said Clyde would win by 14 but only won by 13. My bad!