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Fliers avenge only loss, top Perkins

Clyde will face Toledo C.C. in Division III Region 8 championship
Kelsey Pence
Nov 16, 2013

Clyde knew exactly who it needed to stop if the team had any chance of keeping its season alive.

Dale Irby.

The Fliers shut down Irby, and every other playmaker Perkins turned to, keeping the Pirates scoreless for  44 minutes of action.

Clyde beat Perkins 19-6 at First National Bank Field at the Bellevue Athletic Facility Friday night  to avenge its only season loss — and advance to the Division III Region 8 championship game against undefeated and 2012 Div. II state champion Toledo Central Catholic.

The site of next Friday's game will be determined Sunday afternoon by the OHSAA.

“Our defense was phenomenal like they always are,” Clyde quarterback Tim Hoppe said. “They went out there and played Flyer football and it was a lot of fun out there tonight.”

Hoppe completed 7-of-17 passes for 129 yards and ran in Clyde's only touchdown in the win.

“A lot of that last game was on me and I thought about it a lot this week,” Hoppe said of losing to Perkins 34-14 in Week 6. “I was very focused this week. As a team we've progressed so much throughout the season and here we are now. It feels great.”

The Fliers (11-1) held Perkins (11-1) to a three-and-out on the Pirates first drive and took over at their own 38. After a 2-yard gain by Damien Coburn followed by an incomplete pass, Hoppe hit Eric Wiseman for a 49 yard throw that set the Fliers up with a first-and-10 at the Pirate 11.

The Fliers failed to gain any yardage on three straight attempts, but Austin Baker drilled a 28-yard field goal in to put the Fliers on board.

The Flier defense forced the Pirates to go three-and-out again and had a short field after a bad punt that set them up at their own 46.

The Fliers reached the red zone six plays later but were forced to take another field goal when faced with a fourth-and-five at the 11. Baker drilled another 28-yard kick and the Fliers went up 6-0 with 2:28 left in the quarter.

“I gotta give credit to our kicker, Austin kicking the heck out of the ball, that's huge,” Clyde coach Ryan Carter said. “To get up two scores in a game like this when your defense is playing well is big.”
The Fliers limited the Pirates to three plays, and then Jake Jenne came up big when he tackled Perkins punter Connor Mapus at the 20-yard line.

Clyde failed to get to the end zone for a third straight time, but didn't leave without putting points up. Baker's 32-yard FG was good, making it 9-0 to end the first quarter.

A scoreless second quarter sent the Fliers in to halftime with that 9-0 lead.

The Fliers got the ball to start the half and found the red zone again after taking a good three-plus minutes off the clock. But Hoppe was sacked in the backfield on third-and-goal from the 4, causing Baker to come out for the kick.

A 28-yard FG made it 12-0.

Both teams went three-and-out, but on Perkins' second drive of the second half, Drake Camarata intercepted David Doster and Clyde scored its first touchdown on the ensuing play when Hoppe ran in a 1-yard run. Baker's PAT made it 19-0 with 3:04 left in the third.

“It was huge because you never know with the playmakers that they got,” Carter said of finally scoring a TD. “It was huge. Big for us to punch through and get (that) touchdown. Our playmakers made a couple plays offensively to get us down there.”

Collin Rieman added an interception in the third quarter when Doster tried to hit Irby in the end zone after the Pirates had recovered a fumble at the Clyde 15.

Perkins finally managed to get on board in the fourth quarter when Matt Schweinfurth broke loose down the left sideline for a 65-yard score with 3:24 left to play, but it was too little too late.

“They played lights out,” Perkins coach Jason Ziegler said of Clyde. “They did a nice job. We didn't have an answer for them tonight. I knew going into this it was going to be a battle. Our kids gave it everything they had. 

“I am so proud of our seniors for not quitting at the end,” he added. “Just continuing to fight. We've got a lot of guys playing with a lot of injuries and that's not an excuse, because we've been playing with them all year.”

The Fliers held Irby to just 53 yards on 15 carries and visibly-rattled quarterback David Doster — playing on an injured ACL — to just 2-of-18 passing for 25 yards with three interceptions.

“I wish (Clyde) the best,” Ziegler said. “It's a great-coached team. They played hard. They are going to represent the SBC fantastically. I am looking forward to them bringing a state title to the SBC.”

Damien Coburn led the Fliers ground game with 108 yards on 25 carried while Derek Gray tallied 67 yards on three catches. 

“It feels pretty good I am not going to lie, it feels pretty good,” Carter said of avenging Clyde's only loss of the season to date. “It will sink in (today) and we will figure out what we've got to do, but we are going to enjoy this one tonight.”



way to go Clyde!!!

John Harville

Congratulations on a great season Perkins.

John Harville

The Fliers have an advantage in Coach Carter - playoff experience as a player. Cart played on the state runnersup and championship teams in '94 and '95. He remembers avenging a regular-season to Oak Harbor with regional victory in a blizzard.
You become a champion by playing champions. Central Catholic won the Div II title last year but enrollment drops and the change to seven divisions puts them in III. GO FLIERS!!!


There was a Ryan Carter on the '95 team. But, it wasn't the current coach of the Fliers. Coach Ryan J. Carter graduated in 1995 ('94 football season). Ryan D. Carter was a receiver and defensive back on the '95 team and graduated in 1996. I don't think Coach Carter ever lost a regular season game as a varsity player come to think of it. They were 10-0 in the SBC in the '93 & '94 season.


Ryan J Carter was on the runner up team in 95. Ryan D Carter was as well. Ryan J was not on the 96 championship team, Ryan D was. They were both standouts on the basketball court as well, took Clyde deep into the playoffs there as well. Known both for years, I'm CHS '97.


And yes, Ryan J is a helluva coach and a great guy.

John Harville

Runnerup was '94. Then Cart played on the Final Four basketball team in '95... the same year wrestling won state AND the football team won the State Title. "Our Middle Name is 'State'"


Depends on how you view it I guess. My brother graduated in 94. His sophomore, junior, and senior year they went undefeated but no playoffs due to computer points. The year after he graduated they were runner-ups. Following year they won state. I'm going by graduating class year, not the year the games were won or lost


There was only 1 undefeated varsity season. It was in 1993, the graduating class of 1994. The 94 team was runner-up and 95 team state champs. Carter played on the 93 & 94 teams and graduated in 95. Many believed the 93 team was the best to ever play for Clyde, for very good reason. Hold on though Flier fans... we've got some very, very talented classes coming up!

John Harville

I will yield some. However, the present coach was not undefeated in the regular season. '93 was undefeated. '94 lost to Oak Harbor in the final game of the season. '95 also lost to Oak Harbor in the final game of the regular season - avenged in the Blizzard Bowl regional final in Toledo.


Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Personal Information.




How do you figure?? What personal information was contained?? Relative of Irby?? What a joke!


lol probably


Wow, tough crowd. 11-1 and Ziegler sucks? I questioned some of the play calling last night, but all in all, it was a great season, and Z is a great coach. Clyde was just too tough last night , hats off to them.


Why the heck was Doster playing on a torn ACL? Seems like that decision really cost the Pirates.


bheezy you got just what you talked about THE DALE IRBY SHOW NOW YOU BLAME THE COACH The show got canceled by a good defense.




Young men of Perkins, hold your head high, it was a great season. Hats off to Clyde, and go beat TCC for the SBC.

A Young Adult's...

Bheezy IS Dale Irby? Possible.

A Young Adult's...

Evidently, you went to Perkins. Great grammar.


I agree Jeffdsp, IMO Irby didn't seem to be much a team player. Didn't even go in a huddle, ran by, heard the play call and left his team huddled while he ran to the line. Perkins definitely has some outstanding players. They can walk away from that game with nothing to be ashamed of. That was a great football game. Props to Bellevue, they hosted a great game for two of their worst enemy's.

Tru Grit

1. Clyde's defense showed why they're the better team. They played lights out football for 4 quarters. Absolutely stopped anything and everything the pirates threw at Em whether it was the all mighty Irby who played like anything but a POY,Workman, or anyone else. Best defense I've seen in a while IMO.

2. Perkins coaching staff made almost no adjustments it seemed. They still allowed Clyde to pick on one side of the ball passing and cost them a couple huge pass plays all game. The defense still kept them in the game and made it only 19 instead of 35. On offense I feel like they tried running the same 6-8 plays all game. When you're in the playoffs that won't work. No hats off to the coaching staff very disappointed, it seems like Perkins gets out coached every year in the playoffs.

3. The pirate offensive line was pushed back all night and never really showed any energy IMO.

4. The pirate fans were a joke last night no energy all game. NONE!!

All in all you can blame it on the players, coaching who ever you want too but at the end of the day the better team on paper and on the field was Clyde. Hats off to the fliers proud of them. Good luck next week take down the Irish.

HS Sports Fan

The Pirates had a great season. Yes, I also believe Perkins was out coached. Ryan Carter amazes me. That's why I picked Clyde to win the SBC in basketball. He is the only real Head BB Coach in that league. David Doster was limited and hobbled most of the night. Not the ideal situation for a playoff game of this caliber. Give him credit for wanting to play injured. At 100% he is one of the best ALL AROUND QB's in the area. Clyde knew the Pirates had Doster and Dubbert missing in their secondary and attacked those areas. Dale Irby will be a defensive back at a D1 school next year. And yes Bheezy Clyde NEVER attempted to enter Irby Island. I agree he should have thrown the ball and why didn't they sweep him to the open side of the field? It is what it is. Thanks for the enjoyable season Pirates. We'll see if Clyde is all that next week or if the Pirates were a broken down machine last night. Anyway, represent the area well and GO FLIERS!!!

A Young Adult's...

You're family to Irby? Thanks for clarifying your lack of credibility. Perkins was merely overmatched. Your family member who you droned on and on about all week did not live up to your hype.