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Firelands Conference Football

Can the Flyers go unbeaten again? Will Western play in Week 11? Can Monroeville bounce back and New London continue improving? Staff
Aug 25, 2010

ST. PAUL: Are the Flyers headed to another perfect season?
Even at St. Paul, going 10-0 isn't exactly considered a walk in the park. A lot of things have to go right, including breaks going your way. With the loss of Eric Schwieterman for either 3-4 weeks, which could mean the best offensive player in Division VI from a year ago may not be on the field for road games at Huron and Crestview, perhaps the Flyers drop a game here or there. 10-0 is very possible, but 9-1 is more likely.

WESTERN RESERVE: Will Roughriders break curse and make playoffs?
Possibly... How does that work?

The Roughriders are so close every year. There's no doubt they've got the size and experience. They will be there all the way to the end.

The truth is, Western Reserve isn't St. Paul. The Rughriders just aren't on the same level and until they gt there we'll be having this same conversation every August.

MONROEVILLE: Will the Eagles bounce back from a down year?
It was Murphy's law last year: Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.
If Murph takes his law somewhere else, the Eagles should be more competitive if they stay healthy — and do what coach Steve Ringholz says about tackling.

NEW LONDON: Can Wildcat grad Marett keep restoring the roar?
If he does, it won't be right away, or in 2010. A 5-5 season in 2007 and 6-4 in 2008 still wasn't enough to help the participation levels at New London, as just 32 players make up the 2009 roster. Enrollment is down by 31 boys over the past two years, and Marett admittedly doesn't see the numbers increasing until he is in the building as a teacher (He's currently at Bellevue). New London is on the right path, but depth is the key at any school.