Meyer remembers when passion of The Game hit him

Urban Meyer remembers when it hit home just how big the Ohio State-Michigan rivalry was.
Associated Press
Nov 27, 2013
He was a 21-year-old graduate assistant on head coach Earle Bruce’s staff in 1986, driving to work on a Monday morning when he saw sheets hanging from twin towers by Ohio Stadium.

Painted on the sheets was a two-word Michigan-directed obscenity with the first letters switched to make it just safe enough for public consumption. “I said that is really cool right there,” Meyer recalled. The anecdote is indicative of the genuine dislike, particularly in Columbus, when it comes to Ohio State fans and archrival Michigan.
Of course, the students in the high-rise dorms couldn’t leave well enough alone. “They switched the M and the F, and someone made them take it down,” Meyer said with a grin. The memory made him laugh. “So there is some old student now that is laughing their tail off saying, ‘Yeah, that was my room,’” he said.


Point spread
Ohio State opened as a 14-point favorite at Michigan, but the spot dropped to 12.5 by Monday morning.

The weather
The 10-day forecast for Ann Arbor, Mich., on calls for a high of 35 on Saturday with a low of 30, a 10-percent chance of precipitation and light winds of around 10 mph.

He said it
Michigan coach Brady Hoke was asked if Saturday’s game might mean he takes more chances in play-calling: “You go into every game and you look at the pluses and the minuses. You do a good job of having a great game plan in all three phases of the game. There’s always different outside factors that may dictate things: injuries, wind, weather. But you’ve always got to have a contingency plan — whatever that may be.”