Norwalk rolls to history, championship match

It's about time.
Mark Hazelwood
Nov 9, 2012

As the seventh winningest program in Ohio volleyball history, Norwalk has earned just about every accolade and accomplishment possible in the sport.

However, one feat it has been denied is a win at the state’s Final Four at the Ervin J. Nutter Center on the campus of Wright State University.

In convincing fashion, that was taken care of Thursday afternoon as No. 4 Norwalk made quick work of No. 9 Kettering Alter, winning in three games, 25-12, 25-15, 25-18.

With the win, Norwalk (27-2) advanced to the Division II state championship, where it will play at 11 a.m. Saturday vs. No. 17 Cleveland Heights Beaumont (21-7).

Leading 8-6 in Game 1, Norwalk took control with eight of the next 10 points to take a 16-8 lead.

Geena Freriks had a big block and a kill in the stretch, while two serves into the net by the Knights did them no favor. With the lead at 17-10, Norwalk scored three more points, which included an ace by Sam Obringer that made it 20-10.

The game was finished off by a pair of kills from Alicia Lortcher, and a tip by Freriks ended the 25-12 win.

In Game 2, Alter found some spark and jumped out to a quick 7-2 lead.

After gaining the lead, Norwalk didn’t look back in Game 2.

In Game 3, Norwalk quickly raced out to a 6-0 lead, sending Jasinowski to another timeout in an attempt to regroup. It appeared to work, as Alter again showed life, cutting the margin to 10-9, which forced Kalizewski to call her first and only timeout.

Once again, Norwalk steadied back into consistent play, with solid blocking, defense and serving. Just as quick as the Knights got back into it, they were wiped out by a Norwalk team that was too powerful.

It scored 12 of the next 17 points to take a 23-14 lead, putting the Norwalk faithful on their feet in anticipation of a first-ever trip to championship Saturday, after falling in the state semis two other times (1993 and 2002).

For Norwalk, Abby Moffit had 31 digs, while Alicia Lortcher gained 12 kills.

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reading signs

Why are the girls athletic outfits, all teams, not just this one, so skimpy that their butts show? This is sexism at its worst and yet no one says anything. Cover your behinds young ladies or put those short shorts on boys!


judging by the amount of bending and stretching they do, having outfits that hang too low would inhibit their movement, and they probably wear shorts because their matches are indoors where air movement is at a minimal makings it extremely warm. yes, the basketball players wear long shorts, but they are made out of fabric almost as light as paper, and the basketball uniform tops are minimal at best when it comes to skin coverage. watch wrestling, where the boys are in the same spandex. watch swimming where the boys' suits have less fabric that the girls'. if you want to make a sexist remark on behalf of women everywhere, let's try to cover all of your bases before you start something you know very little about... next you'll be going after the gymnasts for what they wear because it's too tight.


These girls are playing for the state championship as well as already having accomplished great things along the way and all you can do is comment on the uniforms?! I don't think those uniforms are even close to being "skimpy".


Great idea. It would be better to watch 5'2" 210 lb girls at a softball grab at their crotch like Roseanne Barr.

Spandex, the best reason to watch volleyball. We need more spandex uni's. If you don't like the butt don't look.


Our congratulations to the Ladies in Blue or Lady Truckers. what a fine fine season you had. Keep your heads up because you made everyone in the area proud

Huron Tiger Parent