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Schlette pops 300, Rodisel 300, 811

Butch Wagner
Oct 21, 2013
Two veteran bowlers have added to their already impressive lists of accomplishments on the bowling lanes.

Steve Schlette, 47, hammered out his 15th sanctioned 300 game Sept. 26 at Riverview Lanes. Tony Rodisel, 45, Vermilion, fared even better with an 300-800 performance Oct. 3 at Star Lanes when he exploded for 266-300-245 and an 811 series. 

Schlette checked in with 300-191-237—728 in the Classic Trio League to improve his average in the league this year to 236. He also bowls Monday and Tuesday nights at Riverview and carries marks of 220 and 222 respectively.

“I grew up in Huron and was a 1984 graduate, then moved away and came back here in 2001,” said Schlette, who admitted this perfect game was a little extra.

“I was bowling against my boss (Gary Gilbert) and it was a blast for me to throw this one. I was just glad to be able to step up there and throw that 12th strike,” said Schlette, who handles the lane conditions at Riverview Lanes.

Schlette has two 800s to his credit, both coming last season when he belted out marks of 854 and 804. 

Rodisel bowls once a week and hiked his average by 10 pins to 234 with the 22nd 300 game and nine 800 series. “I had a very good night going with no open frames. I had the 12 in a row in the middle game, then opened the last game with the front seven only to miss a 10-pin in the eighth frame and followed that with a split in the ninth before I struck out for 245, and the 811,” Rodisel said.

The 1986 Sandusky High School graduate was using a new bowling ball. “It was the first time I used it. Jeff (Lizzi) drilled it and the fit was very good. I was comfortable with the ball right from the start,” Rodisel said.

“I guess I’m going to get another ring from the USBC. If they keep giving them out for a 300, I’ll keep on taking them. As for feeling some pressure, to me it always there a little when you get that chance. I’m happy I can finish it off once in a while,” Rodisel said. “I know I had an 800 series last year but not a 300,” he added.



good shooting fat head

Good 2 B Me

Nice. 236 Average and a 300 on lane conditions that he handles.


The Grape Ape strikes again!