Freeman joins Cammalleri, Fielitz in 300 club

Butch Wagner
Dec 30, 2013
The total of 300 games produced by local bowlers at the three lanes has risen to 24, thanks to a trio of perfect games in a nine-day stretch.
Bob Freeman of Berlin Heights is the latest member of the Sandusky USBC “300 Club” as he posted his first perfect game Dec. 17 at Riverview Lanes in the Berlin community.

That came just moments after Corky Fielitz of Huron rapped out his eighth 300 games a few lanes away from where Freeman was bowling (Lanes 13-14). His came on 7-8.

Sandusky’s A.J. Cammalleri racked up his second 300 game of his career Thursday (Dec. 26) at Star Lanes in the Sandusky Elks League.

Star Lanes leads the way with 12, followed by nine at Riverview Lanes and three at Cedar Lanes. Dynasty Lanes in Willard also has two perfect games, the first thrown by Brandon Parrigan on Dec. 2 and the second two days later by Cody Reed.

“I’ve been bowling in league play for the past 31 years and came within one pin five or six years ago with a 299” said the 51-year-old Freeman, employed by Usher Transportation of Bellevue. “I was told before this I would probably be 70 before I would get my first 300 and I was pretty nervous on the last ball. It was a good shot but the 10 stood for a while until the four pin came around to knock it over. Boy, was I relieved”

The 1982 Edison High School graduate followed the 300 with 166 and 176 for a 642 series, well below his all-time high of 768.

“In the second game I buried the first two and left the 10 stand, which I missed each time. Then, after a strike in the third frame I left the seven stand, and missed that one, too” Freeman said. “I may have gone downhill after the 300, but I finally got that first 300” he added. Freeman is a once-a-week bowler who is averaging 215.

Fielitz, 58, also had his 300 in the opening game, then dropped to 165 and 210 for a 675 series.

“I got my 300 first and Bobby was a few frames behind me. After I got mine I watched closely what he was doing, and I’m really happy for Bobby. He finally got his 300” Fielitz said.

“I had my last previous 300 in January of this year (2013)” said Fielitz who was inducted into the Sandusky USBC Hall of Fame in 2009.

“I guess I just lost my line after the first game, but its always fun to shoot the 300” he added.

Fielitz, with a career high series of 812, bowls three times a week and is averaging 225.

The 1977 Huron High School graduate is retired.

Cammalleri waited until his last game to reach perfection.

“I had a pair of 202s before that. I wasn’t happy with the way my new ball was working and changed back to the old one, and that turned out to be the hero, for I knocked down everything in the third game” Cammalleri said. “I also changed my line in the third game and I guess it helped a lot”

He talked about the last ball.

“All 12 were in the pocket, but I didn’t see the last one, I was too nervous” he said. Cammalleri has a career high series of 804.

“I bowl just once a week and the first 300 came in the same league in 2008. That is the only night I bowl and my average is down some 10 pins to 204 this year” the 1986 St. Mary Central Catholic graduate said.