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So long Charlie

I heard Monday night from a friend that he had heard Charlie Fyre would be out of Cleveland by Wednesday.
Dan Angelo
Aug 25, 2010

I heard Monday night from a friend that he had heard Charlie Fyre would be out of Cleveland by Wednesday.
But 1 p.m. Tuesday, i had heard from a number of fellow workers the Browns shipped Frye to Seattle. I just checked and Cleveland got a sixth round draft pick for the Willard graduate, which really isn't too bad.

I got to say I feel for Charlie. He worked very hard to become a quarterback in the NFL. And I.m not so sure he got the greatest shake in the training camp quarterback derby since he seemed to play the least.

But last Sunday showed it takes more than hard work and dedication. I left shaking my head wondering whether Charlie would be the No. 3 QB against the Bengals, or just released outright.

At least now he gets a fresh start in a place that wants him, or the Seahawks wouldn't have given up anything.

So best of luck Charlie.


Mike Greco

The trading of Charlie Frye had to be done. It was an unhealthy situation for both him and the Browns.

I've seen Frye play at both the college and pro levels. He still has some good attributes and worked hard to get to the NFL, but Sunday was not his shinining moment. In fact, it was pretty bad and when he yanked in the second quarter, it was evident he wasn't going to see time again with the Browns.

I wish Charlie the best in Seattle. He can be serviceable to the Seahawks.

As far as the Browns, I say start Ken Dorsey. Everybody knows Brady is the man it's just a matter of whjen, but the Browns can't put him in a situation like Sunday, just as Romeo said. Derek Anderson is also around. But play Dorsey, hope he can manage the game and wait for Quinn to develop.

Matt Roche

Let's combine Ken Dorsey and Derek Anderson and get KEN ANDERSON! That's a QB who could manage the game. I don't think either of the other two are capable. It's going to be ugly. But the Browns absolutely should not expose Quinn to that Bengals D or they'll have another Tim Couch fiasco. May Phil Dawson can fill them in. He's the only one still in Cleveland who was around back then. Otherwise history will repeat itself. If the Browns start Quinn too soon, the message they're sending to the rest of the team is this: "We're in development mode for the rest of the season. Thanks for your understanding. We'll try to contend in 2008. Or '09. Or may '10. What a mess!