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Bellevue takes second tourney this season without individual champs

For the second time in two weeks, the Bellevue wrestlers came out on top of a 10-plus team tournament without a champion. Staff
Dec 13, 2010

For the second time in two weeks, the Bellevue wrestlers came out on top of a 10-plus team tournament without a champion.

The Redmen won their home Bob Bailey Wrestling Invitational on Saturday with 316 team points ahead of second-place Amherst Steele with 276 and Genoa in third with 241. Bellevue made it to the first-place finals six times, finishing second all six times.

Last week, the Redmen came out on top of a 13-team field in the Knights of Columbus Wrestling tournament with no first-place finishers and only two second placers.

"I'll have to admit I was a little disappointed with our finals matches," Bellevue coach Paul Zulman said. "We have some guys out there that could have done a better job in their matches. We've got a few guys who've got to get to the next level and raise their game in the finals, start making their finals their best matches of the day."

Casey Dodson finished second at 119 for Bellevue, as did Damon Cheek at 130, Dilan Buckner at 140, Will Stephens at 160, Jake Miller at 189 and Nick Mazzaro at 215.

"As i see it now, it's more of a mental thing," Zulman said. "We're not just a 'winning' team, we're a 'championship' team. It's just a matter of them believing in themselves, going out there and competing as if there's no wrestler they can't beat.

"It's raising our games to the next level: Going from winning the tournament to being the champions of the tournament."

Port Clinton's Greg Willis and Chris Overfield won the 112 and 215-pound weight classes, respectively, as the Redskins finished sixth in the ten-squad tournament with 172 team points.

Willis pinned his way through the tournament, capped in the finals by a pin of Woodmore's Colton Datkum early in the second period. Willis scored 44 of Port Clinton's points.

Vermilion's Anthony Budka finished second at 152 for the Sailors in the tournament, falling to Holy Name's Jim Klosz, 12-4.

Bellevue hosts Seneca East and Lakota in a tri-match on Friday night. Following that, the Redmen are off until the Brecksville Holiday Tournament.


Team Standings

1. Bellevue 316

2. Amherst Steele 276

3. Genoa 241

4. Shelby 238

5. Hudson 219

6. Port Clinton 172

7. North Ridgeville 129

8. Holy Name 128

9. Woodmore 119

10. Vermilion 45


Top six finishers


1. Evan Ulinski (W) maj. dec. 10-2

2. Drew Dickson (NR)

3. Brandon White (H) dec. 5-0

4. Dakota Walker (AS)

5. Seth Morrison (G) maj. dec. 5-0

6. Justin Reeder (S)


1. Greg Willis (PC) pin 2:20

2. Colton Datkum (W)

3. Christian Lough (AS) 12-0

4. Bobby Vedda (NR)

5. Alex Grimm (S) forfeit

6. Kyle Sinko (H)


1. Mark Matos (AS) pin 5:22

2. Casey Dodson (B)

3. Max Reeder (G) dec. 12-0

4. Robbie Petterman (PC)

5. Nick Asp (NR-alt) forfeit

6. Frank Rogers (NR)


1. Michael McClelland (H) dec. 6-4

2. Marc Carosella (NR)

3. Nick Pope (PC) dec. 11-5

4. Logan Scott (G)

5. Ryan Veliz (B) pin 3:42

6. Robert Cutlip (AS)


1. Alex Funderburg (AS) dec. 6-2

2. Damon Cheek (B)

3. Heath Humphrey (S) pin 1:56

4. Dexter Emch (S)

5. Drew Keenan (G) pin 2:20

6. Clayton White (PC)


1. Bryan Deurchle (AS) pin 3:05

2. Frank Shaffer (HN)

3. Tyler McLay (S) dec. 2-1

4. Anson Hupp (B)

5. Tommy May (NR) pin 2:54

6. Zach Miller (B-alt)


1. CJ Basinski (AS) maj. dec. 8-0

2. Dilan Buckner (B)

3. Doug Talarcek (H) dec. 6-2

4. Nathan Brever (G)

5. Bryce Williams (AS-alt) dec. 8-7

6. Alex Verhiley (HN)


1. Matt Zepp (NR) maj. dec. 11-3

2. Mike Harrigan (HN)

3. Matt Zenowicz (B) pin 2:55

4. Andrew Ritosa (H)

5. Zach Johnson (H-alt) pin 4:31

6. Martin Nieves (AS)


1. Jim Klosz (HN) maj. dec. 12-4

2. Anthony Budka (V)

3. Chris Moore (B) pin 4:44

4. Jacob Fejes (G)

5. Mike Silman (AS) dec. 9-4

6. Sam Trommer (H)


1. Dixon Johnson (S) dec. 7-2

2. Will Stephens (B)

3. Patrick Berg (H) pin 3:16

4. Mike Wearsch (AS)

5. Cody Lockhart (W) dec. 3-1

6. Ryan Espinoza (G)


1. Derek Ratliff (S) maj. dec. 10-1

2. Garrett Scott (G)

3. Mason Sieger (B) pin 3:37

4. Luke Weiner (B-alt)

5. Zach Vehar (H) forfeit

6. Jason Anthony (V)


1. Jake Sheehy (G) pin 1:12

2. Jake Miller (B)

3. Denver Burks (S) dec. 7-1

4. Zach Wheeler (PC)

5. Mason Doyle (H) pin 0:29

6. Mark Zawalski (HN)


1. Chris Overfield (PC) pin 3:59

2. Nick Mazzaro (B)

3. Marc Trommer (H) pin 2:03

4. Nick Keller (G)

5. Jake Bammerlin (S) pin 1:54

6. Pedro Torres (AS)


1. Nick Wagoner (S) pin 0:53

2. Dustin Reeder (G)

3. Alex Bookshar (AS) dec. 8-1

4. Peter Mougey (H)

5. Robby Lear (V) dec. 10-4

6. Darian Kidwell (B)