'08-'09 girls basketball?

i know this is far away but who do you think will come on top in the SBC for girls basketball??
Aug 25, 2010

i know this is far away but who do you think will come on top in the SBC for girls basketball??



Clyde will be real good next year return every starter but the foreign exchange student and 3 other seniors leave as well with 1 getting ok minutes off the bench the other 2 playing minimul minutes...


yes i agree clyde will be very good especially since robbles and griffin are only going to be sophomores next year. they are pretty stacked with defense and offense
perkins is loosing alot so who knows what will happen there.
edison is gonna be alright not as good tho.
oak harbor is still gonna be quick but not as good as this year. they will get far in tournament play
huron only lost 2 good players and very good leaders. i think they have improved and may just surprise tons of people. i went to a couple of there games and they have improved so much and every coach has pretty much said they have improved a ton!
margaretta lost keegan and lynn but they are still stacked even though they couldn't beat smcc without keegan. who knows what will happen there
smcc lost some pretty good players (catherine and olivia) someone is gonna have to step up for them
port clinton.. all i gotta say is wow they have like no one left. well buchanan and thats it.

2. margaretta
3. perkins
4. oak harbor
8.port clinton


huron at the 5 spot....i dont know about that, id atleast put edison overtop of them...just because you got a $500,000 donation doesn't mean your going to be good at every sport.


pirate dad is so right. i think that money should of went to perkins instead of huron they dont need it


Edison girls have alott of talent comin up next year. were getting a center frosh. transfer from upper sandusky that is a six footer. her name is laquisha troy. shes a beast and has good hands, and isnt dopey like some perkins senior centers....


i highly doubt the chargers are getting a six footer who has any talent what so ever. Even if they are there is no way she has talent compared to Bravard. Bravard is the best center this league has seen in years.


you don't need to be talking about high school atheletes like that......if you are just using this site as a joke get off.


pirate dad is so right. you know what pirate dad you and me think a like. you should get a hold of me some time and we can go get a beer together.


huron is gonna improve alot but they aren't even using the $500,000 on basketball its all going to stupid football turf. and i take back huron can be 6th then but they are going to improve. with volz and west at point and grendow and stacey at post. there jv team was pretty decent this year too so maybe some of those girls can step it up for them. i know huron hasn't had a good program in a while but its getting better. and no one will ever top bravard. i doubt edison is getting that girl. its probably a joke.


Clyde has Spencer Robles and Kaylea Griffin returning. A 2nd team all district player and the other was honorable mention. Put that together with lindsay smetzler, lauren meyer, kelsey keegan, alesha dickman, brooke billings and a up and coming frosh by the name of racheal smetzler and they will be very successuful. Now with racheal comiing up they will have to worry about more then Robles because racheal smetzler is a scorer. Clyde will be win the sbc and make a nice run in the playoffs.


#1 Margaretta
#2 Clyde
#3 Oak Harbor
#4 Perkins
#5 Edison
#6 Huron
#8 PC

Margaretta will have a nice team with Morris/Meyer combo. Tucker never really became the scoring threat everyone thought she might become.

Clyde may win the league its going to be tough
Oak harbor loses alot but returns alot
Perkins wont be perkins of old
Edison has a nice player in Robinson..
Huron will improve
SMCC long year
PC longer year

Bravard is best player the SBC has seen in a Loong time! But, my guess is she will not make it in college. One year mmmaybe. Two years.. no


No offense but i seriously doubt they will beat clyde without keegan. Clyde returns every starter except one, and they will have another scorer in the form of racheal smetzler. And between spencer robles and racheal smetzler clyde will have more the one threat, and if u double team both them the can dish it down to kaylea griffin.


cayla's gone doesn't mean that we're gonna lose. cayla wasn't the only scorer on their team. if you forgot. basketball takes TEAM WORK and thats the only thing that will get them the title. i believe they have lil tucker coming up. so we'll have both tuckers on the team. and lil tatum. yeah she's got a nice jump shot. it's up to the kids who win's sbc.

My thoughts

"Bravard is best player the SBC has seen in a Loong time! But, my guess is she will not make it in college. One year mmmaybe. Two years.. no"

Why do you say that? She has the game to play D1 ball and they will surround her with tutors, etc. to make her a better student. I think she has never been pushed academically and will do fine in college.


we still got bethany and some great younger girls moving up, we will win it again


not happening, u guys lost to much, and wont have a dominate presence down low no more.


1. Margaretta
2. Perkins
3. Oak Harbor
4. Clyde
5. Edison
7. Huron
8. PC


your forgeting.........we didn't lose Ray PIRATES#!


Margaretta is going to be terrible next year no chance. Those girls are going to get STD's by then HAAH


1. Clyde--losing basically no one...but return great players in Smetzler, Meyer, Robles, and Griffin
2. Margaretta--lose Keegan and Lynn, but still have Morris and Meyer..(my early vote for POY is Morris)
3. Perkins--obviously lose Bravard and Krewson (who had more than 90% of the scoring) along with 6 other seniors...but with caudill leading the way they should be alright..more players need to step up and be scorers though.
4. Edison--lose Frankboner and Grant...still have leading scorer Robinson
5. SMCC--big loss in the post losing Spisak (1st team) and Ehrhardt, along with Kromer and Tthomas on the wings
6. Oak Harbor--lost practically their whole team to graduation (Lipstraw1st teamer and Zurvalec 2nd teamer)...BIG shoes to fill
7. Port Clinton--lost Monaco and Long who were both 2nd teamers...still have Buchanan and need more players to step up their game in the offseason.
8. Huron--the talent is there...they just need to win a couple games to get that motivation back. This team might surprise people and move up from this #8 spot.

...and some people need to grow up on this site...


1. Mararetta - more experience than Clyde
2. Clyde - Robles and Griffin
3. Perkins - still has players and good JV team
4-7 - Anyones guess now that Meyer from OH is leaving to Lake
8. PC - lose to much and rumor has it Buchanon might be leaving also


Buchanan is not leaving PC


Morris is a piece of shichzam and is weak seen her play in districts not aggressive only got height and she smells.