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Erie county all star wrestling team

Aug 25, 2010


  would like to know who is in the running for the Erie county team?? Seen something in the register about this and wanted to  say it sounds like fun.Has anyone asked anyone to be on the team?are they going to use records or what? what schools are on each side?



Here are the details that I can give right now.  First, it will not be Erie vs. Huron county.  That is because the South Shore Wrestling Officials Association covers a greater area than just these two counties.  We cover Ottawa, Sandusky, Seneca and part of Richland county.

So the teams will not be made up geographically.  Nor will they be made up by conference. 

For underclassmen to compete in this event, there cannot be coaching and there cannot be a team score.  These are per OHSAA rules.  So, we will make up two teams but there will not be a team that "wins". 

We will be selecting wrestlers from the following conferences:  SBC, NOL, Firelands, and Bucyrus, Fremont, Sandusky.  That is a wide area and makes selection tough.  

A committee of coaches that represent the three full conferences will select the teams and Morgan Stanley, another wrestling official , and myself will help organize, notify and pair the wrestlers. 

There is a chance that we will have less matches at certain weights than others.  For instance, looking at the Brakeman, our area is short on ranked kids at certain weights but very heavy at others.  285 immediately comes to mind where we might have at least four state qualifiers and maybe more than four state placers.  We need to see that we include as many of those that want to compete.

That brings up the last point:  There will be some that do not want to compete.  We will select all the best wrestlers and ask them if they want to participate, but we understand that this is a long season and some may not want another match.  We hope that everyone will want to but no one is obligated.

This event is to support the SSWOA scholarship program.  It is the longest running officials scholarship in the state of Ohio, in any sport.  We have been awarding scholarships to wrestlers for over 40 years and we are proud that the list is long and many of those that have won scholarships still support the program and support the sport.