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Where's Waldo(ck)? Chris Waldock came jogging over to the block for the start of his 100 butterfly heat.
Aug 25, 2010

Where's Waldo(ck)?
Chris Waldock came jogging over to the block for the start of his 100 butterfly heat.
Asked how he thought his swim went after exiting the pool, the Perkins junior kept his response short: "Not really good."
Interesting assessment, since Waldock won his heat in 51.42 seconds and qualified for the championship finals Saturday as the fourth seed.
Then Waldock explained his reasoning. While he was pleased with the finish he said he was late arriving for the start of the event, with barely any time to loosen up and ready himself.

Home cooking
Swimming being the third state championship event I've covered, I'm keeping a mental gradecard of how Canton and the C.T. Natatorium stack up against Columbus — where I covered state wrestling and track.
Both cities garner points for their entertainment value; Obviously Columbus has a lot more to offer since it's a larger city, but both Canton, where I was born, and Columbus, where I went to college, offer plenty to do.
They're both football town, no doubt. Columbus loves its Buckeyes and Canton is home to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, right up the block from McKinley High School.
While the Schottenstein Center was great with perks like press row next to the mats, and Jesse Owens had fantastic weather (obviously, since it was June), Branin is the best meal. Even the food at state swimming is aquatic-themed.
On the menu:
• Fried-fish wrap
• Corn chowder with crab
• Mac and cheese
• A mini salad bar, with vegetable and meat trays
Neither event in Columbus had much in the way of food. Wrestling had a cooler filled with all-you-can-drink soft drinks and bottled water, and pretzels and potato chips. State track had the same, but media had to walk to Bill Davis Stadium to consume it.
It's cool OHSAA, eight cups of salted preztels and five cans of Diet Coke is the breakfast of champions.

During warm-ups for the Division I meet, a copy of Third Eye Blind's "Story of a Girl" wasn't a good enough tale for the McKinley sound system, which turned the dated jingle into something out of a Milli Vanilli concert.
After the end of the Division II meet, reporters in the media workroom adjacent to the warm-up pool were serenaded with opera, prompting several writers to ask if an impromptu aquatones show broke out while no one was watching.
Much to the dismay of several writers, it hadn't.



'Watered down' means the standard to qualify for the state meet has been lowered.  It's mathmatical and there is no argument-with the stroke of a pen, a 2nd division was added and 24 more swimmers per event qualified who otherwise wouldn't.  However, the level of competition for the top 6-8 swimmers is all quality; you just have to wade through the pre-lims to get to that.  So yes it's watered down, but the best swimmers still shine through.