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WRESTLING: Oak Harbor powers to unbeaten mark at SBC Duals

OAK HARBOR - After two days and 28 duals, the Sandusky Bay Conference has sorted itself. Oak Harbor stands alone on top. Again.
Michael Truax
Aug 25, 2010

OAK HARBOR — After two days and 28 duals, the Sandusky Bay Conference has sorted itself. Oak Harbor stands alone on top.


The host Rockets claimed their fourth consecutive SBC Duals crown Saturday, standing decisively atop the eight-team field with a 7-0 record.

“Great weekend,” Rockets coach George Bergman said. “Our guys performed well from the first match to the last. The effort was good, the hustle was good. I’m very happy.”

Perkins came in second with a 6-1 record, falling to only Oak Harbor, followed by Clyde at 5-2 with losses to the Pirates and Rockets.

“It would have been nice to step in and go 6-1 on the weekend,” Clyde coach Rob Jennings said. “We lost some close ones.”

The Perkins-Clyde match Saturday went down to the final bout. Perkins leading 33-29, the Pirates’ 171 Alex Trautman grounded the Fliers as he pinned Josh Trick in 41 seconds.

Coach Travis Crabtree called Perkins’ second-place finish “surprising.”

“It was a great weekend,” he said, noting that both Oak Harbor and Edison came into the SBC duals as state-ranked teams.

“It gives us a lot more confidence in what we’re doing and what we want them to do,” Crabtree said. “Hopefully it carries on for the next few weeks for a tournament run.”

Edison finished fourth with a 4-3, after losses to the teams in first through third place. Its first loss came to Clyde Friday night, 29-28. Perkins ended the Charger’s hopes of facing Oak Harbor for the title in the second round of duals Saturday, handing Edison a 42-21 loss.

Port Clinton finished fifth after closing the door on St. Mary Central Catholic in their final match, 51-21. The young SMCC squad finished 2-5 for 6th of eight.

“We’re young and we’re trying to get better,” SMCC coach Rick Bellamy. “That’s the key right now… We have room to get better, and that was the idea, to come here and get better.

“We’re going to sit down with the film tomorrow and try to correct some mistakes. That’s what you have to do with this conference. Seven matches in two days — it’s grueling.”

Huron defeated Margaretta in the final round for a 1-6 record and 7th place. Margaretta came in 8th at 0-7. The Tigers and Polar Bears battled back and forth, with four lead changes in the team score. Huron closed with three consecutive pins in the 152, 160 and 171 weight-classes for the win over Margaretta.

Only 11 wrestlers survived the weekend unbeaten, seven of which were from Oak Harbor. The Rockets saw perfect weekends from Drew Stone at 125, Jake Cramer at 140, Ian Miller at 145, Konner Witt at 160, Mike Mallernee at 171 and Sean McGee at 189.

The Rockets’ Witt and Miller joined teammates Mallernee, Stone, Zach Bergman and Zach Sandwisch in the 100-win club.

In addition to the Oak Harbor delegation to the unbeatens, Edison 130 Kyle Burns, SMCC freshman 103 Alex Guerra, Perkins 119 Michael Snyder and Huron heavyweight Nino Majoy.

Snyder bounced between the 119 and 125 classes, depending on where the coaches thought he could help.

Three other wrestlers fell in their final match of the weekend. Clyde 119 Dylan Stiffler lost a 4-1 overtime decision to Perkins’ Snyder. Oak Harbor 135 Zach Bergman accidentally pulled Edison’s Tyler Majoy onto himself in a takedown effort. Majoy sat on Bergman and collected the six points for the pin.

Oak Harbor 130 Alex Bergman lost to Kyle Burns in his final match of the day. Burns trailed 6-4 with time winding down in the third period. He shot for and made a desperation takedown with 10 seconds left. Burns got another takedown in the first overtime for the 8-6 decision.

The SBC individual tournament will be at Perkins on Feb. 12-13.

Edison 81, Margaretta 0

145: Jamie Kimberlin (E) win by forfeit

152: Travis Lombardi (E) pin Jamison Pridemore, :29

160: Zach Rutherford (E) pin James Wiedenheft, 1:45

171: Dylan Howard (E) pin Brian Erckman, :45

189: Logan Demuth (E) win by forfeit

215: Elrick Jensen (E) pin Garrett Green, 1:10

HVT: Ben McLaughlin (E) pin Jakeb Aldrich, 4:52

103: Jude Michel (E) pin Eric Schneider, :29

112: Cam Michel (E) pin Jacob Tetzloff, 4:20

119: Mike Coffman (E) pin Cody Reel, :30

125: Corey Mancuso (E) dec. Matt Smith, 6-2

130: Kyle Burns (E) pin CJ Elswick, 1:31

135: Tyler Majoy (E) pin Josh Ackerman, 4:57

140: Jordan Cole (E) pin Joe Miller, 1:31

Oak Harbor 71, Huron 3

145: Ian Miller (OH) pin Nick Johnson, :26

152: Kyle Mincheff (OH) pin Tre Bell, 1:20

160: Konner Witt (OH) tech. fall Troy Delamatre, 18-3

171: Mike Mallernee (OH) pin Zach Blodgett, 1:29

189: Sean McGee (OH) dec. Mauricio Vazquez, 3-0

215: Jonny Bergman (OH) maj. dec. Jordan Romick, 8-0

HVT: Nino Majoy (H) dec. Zach Sandwisch, 3-1

103: Alex Bowlick (OH) pin Taylor Wysocki, :40

112: Luke Cramer (OH) pin Corey Lowery, 1:20

119: Josh Chambers (OH) win by forfeit

125: Drew Stone (OH) pin Colton Roth, 1:43

130: Alex Bergman (OH) tech. fall Michael Post, 16-0

135: Zach Bergman (OH) pin Will Sams, :47

140: Jake Cramer (OH) pin Dominic Maschari, 1:02

Perkins 55, SMCC 14

145: Spencer Matthias (P) maj. dec. Jon Sciarappa, 18-7

152: Joey Snyder (P) pin Perry Smith, 2:51

160: Kody Kaser (P) dec. Brandon Fox, 4-3

171: Alex Trautman (P) pin Ayden Opfer :25

189: Travis Davlin (P) pin Leo Samaratoni, 1:29

215: Nash Uhl (P) Kody Bellamy, 4-3

HVT: Brock Naufel (P) pin Brandon Bostater, 5:28

103: Alex Guerra (SM) dec. Bryon Logan, 7-0

112: Adam Guerra (SM) pin Nick Waldron, 1:45

119: Logan Reichert (SM) tech. fall Nathan Salmon, 17-2

125: Michael Snyder (P) win by forfeit

130: Cameron Campbell (P) pin Michael Dorski, 1:10

135: Corey Urso (P) win by forfeit

140: Tyler Mees (P) dec. Angelo Calderon, 5-3

Perkins 42, Edison 21

152: Zach Rutherford (E) dec. Tyler Brownell, 10-4

160: Travis Lombardi (E) dec. Kody Kaser, 4-1

171: Alex Trautman (P) pin Dylan Howard, 5:01

189: Travis Davlin (P) pin Logan Demuth, 1:00

215: Nash Uhl (P) Elrick Jensen, 8-6

HVT: Jervaughn Eppse (P) pin Ben McLaughlin, 2:28

103: Bryon Logan (P) dec. Jude Michel, 7-6

112: Cam Michel (E) pin Nathan Salmon, 1:51

119: Michael Snyder (P) dec. Mike Coffman, 5-0

125: Corey Mancuso (E) pin Ian Seckt, :40

130: Kyle Burns (E) dec. Cam Campbell, 7-2

135: Tyler Mees (P) dec. Tyler Majoy, 10-9

140: Spencer Matthias (P) win by injury default

145: Joey Snyder (P) pin Jamie Kimberlin, 2:49

Clyde 40, Port Clinton 32

152: Jared Fleming (PC) pin Brandon Flores, 4:16

160: Richard Harris (PC) dec. Brad Smith, 9-5

171: Ray Hopfinger (PC) maj. dec. Josh Trick, 11-1

189: Billy Ward (C) win by forfeit

215: Trevor Strickland (C) pin Chris Overfield, 4:58

HVT: Daniel Darr (C) pin Jason Conrad, 1:46

103: Alex Rawson (C) win by forfeit

112: Greg Willis (PC) maj. dec. Dakota Flores, 11-1

119: Dylan Stiffler (C) pin Jamie Balboa, 5:33

125: Jacob Fleming (PC) dec. Zach Rawson, 11-8

130: Stephen Pastor (PC) pin Zach Thurn, 5:32

135: Jimmy Digby (PC) pin Casey Flores, :58

140: Eric Pumphrey (C) maj. dec. Jacob Carrisales, 14-6

145: Kalob Andrews (C) pin Kevin Rarden, 5:11

SMCC 48, Huron 23

152: Brandon Fox (SM) pin Tre Bell, 1:04

160: Perry Smith (SM) dec. Troy Delamatre, 10-4

171: Zach Blodgett (H) pin Ayden Opfer, 1:08

189: Mauricio Vazquez (H) dec. Leo Samaritoni, 3-1

215: Kody Bellamy (SM) dec. Jordan Romick, 7-2

HVT: Nino Majoy (H) dec. Brandon Bostater, 7-4

103: Alex Guerra (SM) pin Taylor Wysocki, 1:28

112: Joe Pavia (SM) pin Corey Lowery, 1:33

119: Adam Guerra (SM) win by forfeit

125: Logan Reichert (SM) pin Colton Roth, 3:07

130: Michael Dorski (SM) pin Josh Russo, :32

135: Will Sams (H) win by forfeit

140:  Angelo Calderon (SM) pin Dominic Maschari, 1:32

145: Jon Sciarappa (SM) pin Thomas River, 1:14

Oak Harbor 59, Clyde 15

160: Konner Witt (OH) pin Brad Smith, 1:40

171: Mike Mallernee (OH) tech. fall Josh Trick, 16-1

189: Sean McGee (OH) dec. Billy Ward, 4-3

215: Trevor Strickland (C) dec. Jonny Bergman, 4-2

HVT: Zach Sandwisch (OH) win by forfeit

103: Alex Bowlick (OH) pin Alex Rawson, :33

112: Luke Cramer (OH) tech. fall Dakota Flores, 15-0

119: Dylan Stiffler (C) pin Josh Chambers, 1:20

125: Drew Stone (OH) pin Zach Thurn, 4:52

130: Alex Bergman (OH) tech. fall Casey Flores, 20-5

135: Zach Bergman (OH) pin Derek Logan, :52

140: Jake Cramer (OH) pin Eric Pumphrey, 2:59

145: Ian Miller (OH) maj. dec. Kalob Andrews, 18-5

152: Brandon Flores (C) pin Kyle Mincheff, 3:59

Port Clinton 66, Margaretta 12

160: Richard Harris (PC) maj. dec. James Weidenheft, 14-2

171: Raymond Hopfinger (PC) pin Brian Erckman, :31

189: Robert Beck (PC) win by forfeit)

215: Ken Bacon (PC) pin Dale Abbott, 1:55

HVT: Jason Condrad (PC) pin Jakeb Aldrich, :33

103: Adam Crum (M) win by forfeit

112: Greg Willis (PC) pin Natalie Shroyer, 2:40

119: Nick Pope (PC) pin Cody Reel, 3:39

125: Jacob Fleming (PC) pin Matt Smith, 3:57

130: Collin Yurista (PC) pin Devon Lampman, 5:13

135: Stephen Pastor (PC) pin CJ Elswick, 3:15

140: Jacob Carrisales (PC) win by injury default

145: Joe Miller (M) pin Kevin Rarden, 5:45

152: Jared Fleming (PC) pin Jamison Pridemore, 1:08

Edison 42, SMCC 24

160: Travis Lombardi (E) dec. over Perry Smith, 11-4

171: Dylan Howard (E) pin Ayden Opfer, :07

189: Elrick Jansen (E) pin Leo Samaratoni, 4:37

215: Kody Bellamy (SM) pin Gabe Timbs, 3:53

HVT: Brandon Bostater (SM) pin Ben McLaughlin, 3:00

103: Alex Guerra (SM) win by forfeit

112: Joe Dauch (SM) dec. Cam Michel, 6-2

119: Logan Reichert (SM) dec. Mike Coffman, 7-0

125: Nick Coffman (E) win by forfeit

130: Corey Mancuso (E) pin Mike Dorski, 3:49

135: Kyle Burns (E) win by forfeit

140: Tyler Majoy (E) dec. Angelo Calderon, 13-7

145: Jamie Kimberlin (E) pin Jon Sciarappa, 5:58

152: Zach Rutherford (E) dec. Brandon Fox, 5-2

Clyde 64, Margaretta 9

171: Zac Lang (C) pin Brian Erckman, 1:13

189: Billy Ward (C) win by forfeit

215: Trevor Strickland (C) pin Garrett Green, :40

HVT: Jakeb Aldrich (M) dec. Dan Darr, 6-1

103: Chris Hicks (C) maj. dec. Kyle Paputza, 12-2

112: Dakota Flores (C) tech. fall Natalie Shroyer, 15-0

119: Dylan Stiffler (C) pin Cody Reel, 1:59

125: Zach Thurn (C) dec. Matt Smith, 8-2

130: Casey Flores (C) pin CJ Elswick, 5:09

135: Blake Smith (C) maj. dec. Devon Lampman, 16-8

140: Lucas Rogers (C) pin Joe Miller, 2:53

145: Kalob Andrews (C) win by forfeit

152: Jamison Pridemore (M) pin Jimmy Lolvin, 1:07

160: Brad Smith (C) pin Jimmy Wiedenheft, 2:18

Oak Harbor 60, Port Clinton 14

171: Mike Mallernee (OH) win by forfeit

189: Sean McGee dec. Ray Hopfinger, 3-1

215: Jonny Bergman pin Chris Overfield, 5:54

HVT: Zach Sandwisch pin Jason Conrad, 1:04

103: Alex Bowlick win by forfeit

112: Greg Willis (PC) dec. Luke Cramer, 5-4

119: Jamie Balboa (PC) tech. fall Josh Chambers 21-6

125: Drew Stone pin Jacob Fleming, 3:26

130: Alex Bergman dec. Stephen Pastor, 6-5

135: Zach Bergman pin Andrew Lendheiser, 1:20

140: Jake Cramer pin Jacob Carrisales, 1:20

145: Ian Miller pin Kevin Rarden, :29

152: Jared Fleming (PC) pin Kyle Mincheff, 1:23

160: Konner Witt pin Richard Harris, :52

Perkins 69, Huron 9

171: Alex Trautman (P) pin Zach Blodgett, :52

189: Travis Davlin (P) pin Mauricio Vazquez, 5:23

215: Nash Uhl (P) pin Rory Yalp, :47

HVT: Nino Majoy (H) pin Jervaughn Eppse, 1:04

103: Nick Waldron (P) pin Taylor Wysocki, :45

112: Bryon Logan (P) pin Corey Lowery, 2:50

119: Nathan Salmon (P) wins by forfeit

125: Michael Snyder (P) pins Colton Roth, :05

130: Cam Campbell (P) pins Michael Post, :40

135: Tyler Mees (P) pins Will Sams, :36

140: Spencer Matthias (P) pins Thomas River, :47

145: Joey Snyder (P) pins Nick Johnson, 1:00

152: Tre Bell (H) dec. Michael Hauke, 3-0

160: Kody Kaser (P) dec. Troy Delamatre, 12-9

Huron 48, Margaretta 32

189: Mauricio Vazquez (H) win by forfeit

215: Jordan Romick (H) pin Dale Abbott, :42

HVT: Nino Majoy (H) pin Jakeb Aldrich, :25

103: Adam Crum (M) pin Taylor Wysocki, 1:07

112: Jaceb Tetzloff (M) maj. dec. Corey Lowery, 16-2

119: Cody Reel (M) won by forfeit

125: Matt Smith (M) maj. dec. Colton Roth, 16-5

130: Josh Russo (H) pin CJ Elswick, :14

135: Devon Lampman (M) pin Michael Post, 3:32

140: Joe Miller (M) pin Will Sams, :42

145: Dominic Maschari (H) win by forfeit

152: Tre Bell (H) pin Jamison Pridemore, :56

160: Joey Delamatre (H) pin Jimmy Weidenheft, 1:22

171: Zach Blodgett (H) pin Brian Erckman, :40

Perkins 39, Clyde 29

189: Travis Davlin (P) pin Billy Ward, 1:23

215: Trevor Strickland (C) pin Nash Uhl, 4:30

HVT: Brock Naufel (P) pin Dan Darr, :43

103: Bryon Logan (P) pin Alex Rawson, :45

112: Dakota Flores (C) dec. Nathan Salmon, 6-0

119: Michael Snyder (P) dec. Dylan Stiffler, 4-1

125: Zach Rawson (C) pin Ian Seckt, :51

130: Cameron Campbell (P) dec. Zach Thurn, 7-2

135: Tyler Mees (P) pin Casey Flores, 5:25

140: Eric Pumphrey (C) pin Spencer Matthias, 3:41

145: Joey Snyder (P) dec. Kalob Andrews, 5-2

152: Brandon Flores (C) pin Michael Hauke, 1:45

160: Brad Smith (C) dec. Kody Kaser, 8-3

171: Alex Trautman (P) pin Josh Trick, :41

Port Clinton 51, SMCC 21

189: Raymond Hopfinger (PC) pin Leo Samaratoni, 2:41

215: Kody Bellamy (SM) pin Ken Bacon, :53

HVT: Jason Conrad (PC) pin Brandon Bostater, :59

103: Alex Guerra (SM) win by forfeit

112: Greg Willis (PC) dec. Adam Guerra

119: Logan Reichert (SM) dec. Jamie Balboa, 8-6

125: Jacob Fleming (PC) win by forfeit

130: Stephen Pastor (PC) win by forfeit

135: Collin Yurista (PC) pin Michael Dorski, :41

140: Angelo Calderon (SM) dec. Jacob Carrisales, 8-4

145: Jon Sciarappa (SM) dec. Kevin Rarden, 4-2

152: Jarod Fleming (PC) pin Brandon Fox, 5:32

160: Richard Harris (PC) pin Perry Smith, 4:34

171: Michael Kirkpatrick (PC) pin Ayden Opfer, :56

Oak Harbor 55, Edison 15

189: Sean McGee (OH) dec. Elrick Jansen, 7-0

215: Jonny Bergman (OH) pin Ben McLaughlin, :36

HVT: Zach Sandwisch (OH) pin Gabe Timbs, 1:30

103: Alex Bowlick (OH) win by forfeit

112: Luke Cramer (OH) dec. Cam Michel

119: Nick Coffman (E) pin Josh Chambers, 5:35

125: Drew Stone (OH) maj. dec. Corey Mancuso, 17-5

130: Kyle Burns (E) dec. Alex Bergman, 8-6

135: Tyler Majoy (E) pin Zach Bergman, 1:06

140: Jake Cramer (OH) win by forfeit

145: Ian Miller (OH) pin Jamie Kimberlin, :17

152: Kyle Mincheff (OH) dec. Zach Rutherford, 6-4

160: Konner Witt (OH) pin Travis Lombardi, 2:34

171: Mike Mallernee (OH) pin Dylan Howard, 2:34