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BREAKING NEWS - Michael Gallagher of SMCC just set a new state record in the 200 IM with a 1:52.53, beating Garrett Trebilcock's mark of 1:53.00.
Michael Truax
Aug 25, 2010

BREAKING NEWS — Michael Gallagher of SMCC just set a new state record in the 200 IM with a 1:52.53, beating Garrett Trebilcock's mark of 1:53.00.

CANTON — I'll be posting some live updates from CT Branin Natatorium (at Canton McKinley High School), host of the 2010 Ohio State Swimming Championships.

For the first eight hours, until 5 p.m., we only have four events. Division I goes first, meaning Sandusky's Taylor Vargo and Gus Everson are our only swimmers until 5 p.m.

After that, however, it's going to get crazy.

DIVISION II (EVENING) NOTES … And they're off. The Sandusky Perkins 200 Medley relay (Kimberly Anglin, Katie Quinn, Camille Cremean and Jillian Chapman) took an easy second in their heat, matching their seed time with a 1:50.09. They'll most likely make it to the championship heat on Saturday. Relay member Camille Cremean said that they had more in them and could push themselves even faster. The Port Clinton relay (Nikki Twarek, MacKenzie Stewart, Katelyn Zam and Erin Smith) finished fifth in their heat with a 1:54.79. We'll see if that earns them a trip to Saturday's consolation round. Perkins' Michael Mulvin hopped out of the pool from the boys' 200 medley relay and right back in just one even later for the boys' 200 yard freestyle. He placed sixth in the 200 free in 2009 with a time of 1:43.71. This time, he finished with a 1:45.53, fourth in his heat. He said he was tired after the first event. Well this could be interesting – Check out your top seeds for tomorrow's 200 IM: Port Clinton's MacKenzie Stewart (2:07.12) and Perkins' Stephanie Gyurke (2:05.55). In the pool, they're competitors. On land, they're friends. They swam together as kids. Perkins' Chris Waldock returned to form in the 100 fly, which he called his "best event." He won his heat with a 50.87. And he could have done better – He pulled back on the last 25, because he didn't want to drain himself for tomorrow. DIVISION I (MORNING) NOTES Sandusky freshman Taylor Vargo finished fifth in her heat and 16th in the 200 freestyle, the first individual event of the day. Her coach, Tommy Patterson, said that his goal was to have his swimmers there swim well and improve on their times. Vargo did just that, beating her swim seed time by a quarter of a second (1:55.24-1:54.99). She will swim in tomorrow's consolation finals. This just in: Sandusky's Gus Everson is moving on to day two to swim in the consolation finals in his first event, the 50-yard freestyle. He touched the wall in 21.49 seconds, just off his district time of 21.27 seconds, for a 12th place and a chance to race the others who finished 9th through 16th in the race. Gus said he swam "badly" in the event, though, and wasn't too happy with his time. For comparison, however, it should be noted that only four of the 16 swimmers qualifying to race on Saturday swam a faster time in the prelims today than they did at districts last week. Gus Everson finished third in his heat in his other event, the 100 freestyle with a 46.82. He improved on his seed time by .04 seconds. Everson finished 9th overall, just missing the championship heat by .05 seconds. He is the new top seed, though, for the consolation finals tomorrow morning. Taylor Vargo stepped up in a big way for her second race, the 100-yard breaststroke. She took first in the prelims with a time of 1:04.75, an incredible 1.62 seconds faster than her seed time of 1:06.37. In fact, Vargo's time in the prelims was better than the first seed's district time. Did I mention that she defeated the top returning swimmer in the event, Rachael Dzierzak (3rd in 2009) of Notre Dame Academy? Vargo will be swimming tomorrow for the medal in the inside lane. Other swimmers returning to the top eight are Dzierzak and Cincinnati Turpin's Gabbie Pettinichi (1:06.35). The Sandusky Blue Streaks should be proud. Both of their swimmers in all four events are moving on to Saturday for one championship and three consolation heats. OTHER NOTES I was going to suggest visiting Swenson's for a galley boy and some fried mushrooms while you're in the Akron-Canton area, but I just found out that the Canton location is closed for remodeling. See if you can stop by on the way home. Akron-Cantonites are very proud of a few things, including (and, possibly, limited to): Swenson's; LeBron James; the soapbox derby; the pro football hall of fame; the Goodyear blimp; not being Toledo. The swimmers thought they'd get a free day out of school. As it turns out, almost everyone does. This is classic NEO February – Snow exactly when it is most inconvenient. The food here is excellent. I had macaroni, some type of pasta and a tuna wrap. All delicious. The coffee was weak, though, which doesn't help me stay alert for the next few hours (until 5 p.m.), when the D-II meet starts. I'm taking my time off to go to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, conveniently right next door.



I told you the food was good...
Best food at any state event. Track is a distant second (though you have to pay for it) and wrestling third, with a fine selection of Ruffle potato chips and salted pretzels for a 12-hour day.

Also, since I was born in Canton, I second the motion of being proud to not be Toledo — or Cincinnati.

shs swim fan

 Taylor and Gus are awesome!  You can not find two nicer kids either - their success has never gone to their heads!  Hard work has paid off for them both and all Blue Streaks are extremely proud of them!

And who really cares about the food!

Michael Truax

I've been here since 9 a.m., I'll be here until 10 p.m. at least. I care about the food.